Economic freedom, limited government, personal responsibility, individual initiative, respect for private property and the rule of law are core principles of a free enterprise system. A healthy economy is dependent on a skilled workforce, educational opportunity, sound tax policy, reduced government spending and a competitive business environment that encourages reinvestment and expansion free from a heavy-handed government that restricts such aspirations.

Upward Mobility Has Not Declined

A new study finds that the odds of moving up the income ladder are the same today as they were 20 years ago, says the New York Times.

Rhode Island Pension Reform Case Study

In 2011, Rhode Island enacted major pension reform legislation spearheaded by State Treasurer and current gubernatorial candidate Gina Raimondo to address an unfunded pension liability of $6.8 billion and a system less than 50 percent funded relative to its obligations.…

Georgia 8th in Latest Economic Freedom Report

Georgia ranked 12th overall and 8th in the United States in the the ninth annual Economic Freedom of North America report. The study examines key indicators of economic freedom based on the size of government, taxation, regulation, rule of law and property…

Georgia Pension Funding Improving

If Santa looks at states when making a list of who’s naughty or nice, he will find seven who most improved the condition of their pension funds since 2009, when the economic recovery began. Georgia, Idaho, Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Virginia are…

The Minimum Wage

Here’s a good video as well as some good information on the impact of minimum wage increases here from our friends at the Foundation for Economic Education.

Atlanta’s Great Strides as a World Class IT Capital

The digital economy is changing the world, and we’re just getting started. Companies are launched every day with just an idea and an Internet connection. Technology has affected nearly every area of business, and Georgia’s growth trajectory within the digital economy is very promising. By David Cummings, founder and owner of Atlanta Tech Village

ALEC: Here’s How Georgia Could Improve Competitiveness

The newest economic competitive economic index ranking from the American Legislative Exchange Council has given Georgia a reputable eighth place rank position, up two spots from last year and in the top 20 percent of all states. What would help Georgia improve that ranking to top five or even top of the pack? This article is by Foundation Editor Mike Klein.

When It Comes to Jobs for Georgia, There’s an App for That

Jobs in the wireless industry have been one of the few bright spots for the state and the nation.

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Atlanta – Did you know that Georgia had the nation’s fourth-highest foreclosure rate in 2012? There were 105,610 foreclosure filings last year, or one for every 39 homes. Who’s to blame? Greedy bankers? Corrupt politicians? Ignorant homeowners?

Find out from Randal…

State Growth Directly Linked to Washington’s Fiscal House

Georgia’s ability to continue slow but steady economic growth might depend on factors beyond its control, including a “heroic assumption” that the federal government will somehow get its fiscal house in order. “If we can just solve things in Washington I think we will be ready to go,” state fiscal economist Kenneth Heaghney said Tuesday morning at the State Capitol.

Funding Dearth Opens Opportunity Under the Gold Dome

Despite budget shortfalls, Georgia can enact reforms to ensure better times.

Happy Capital Day?

Any good economist will tell you that as complementary factors of production, labor and capital are not only indispensable but hugely dependent upon each other as well.

Banking on Land Banks is Banking on Trouble

The new Georgia Land Bank Act expands local governments' abilities to create a land bank, an organization with sweeping authority to acquire and dispose of vacant, abandoned or delinquent properties. But communities that race to embrace this unfortunate move will see it come back to haunt, not help, them.

How Dodd-Frank Price Controls Poach Peach State Prosperity

(The Georgia Public Policy Foundation and the Competitive Enterprise Institute released this Issue Analysis that discusses the impact of federal banking laws in Georgia.)

By John Berlau


John Berlau, Senior Fellow for Finance, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Few states have been hit…

Issue Analysis: Government Barriers to Georgia’s Growth: How Dodd-Frank Price Controls Poach the Peach State’s Prosperity

Few states have been hit as hard by the financial crisis as Georgia. With her economic engine humming along and unemployment hovering around 5 percent for several years until 2008, Georgia suddenly saw thousands of mortgages sour and dozens of…

Georgia After The Great Recession: How Are We Doing?

Kelly McCutchen, Georgia Public Policy Foundation PresidentHow has Georgia responded to the Great Recession compared to other states? The latest data from the Census Bureau tells us some things we knew and some things some might find surprising.


‘Rich States, Poor States:’ How Does Georgia Rank? How Can It Improve?

Three years after the economic downturn, many wonder: What are the key drivers for growth in Georgia and what can be done to make the state more fiscally competitive?

Airport Privatization Could Take Off

By Benita M. Dodd

For years, Georgia has been trying to site an airport to supplement Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the busiest passenger airport in the world. Suggestions have been all over the map, from Dawsonville to Macon to Chattanooga. Now…

USDA’s Feeding Frenzy

By Harold Brown

Harold Brown, Senior Fellow, Georgia Public Policy Foundation

How does the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) budget grow in proportion to the shrinkage of its mission? Perhaps it is a reward for agriculture’s phenomenal success. Its increased…

Georgia Needs a Lone Star State of Mind

Georgia Needs a Lone Star State of Mind 

By Kelly McCutchen

Jobs, jobs, jobs. That's the mantra from nearly every elected official these days, from President Obama to Governor Deal. But do government policies really have on impact job...