Economic freedom, limited government, personal responsibility, individual initiative, respect for private property and the rule of law are core principles of a free enterprise system. A healthy economy is dependent on a skilled workforce, educational opportunity, sound tax policy, reduced government spending and a competitive business environment that encourages reinvestment and expansion free from a heavy-handed government that restricts such aspirations.

Trade Promotion Authority Deserves Americans’ Support

Congressional safeguards prevent abuse of Trade Promotion Authority.

Myths, Lies and Capitalism

Does free enterprise hurt the poor?

Economic Diversity, State Leadership: A Recipe for Georgia’s Success

A growing, diverse economy with strong leadership can only help Georgia. Moving into the 21st-century economy, Georgia added highly innovative communities of industry to the state. The state has become a leader in health care information technology, financial technology, information security, video game development, interactive marketing, logistics, communications and television and film production.

Proposal Would Level the Playing Field for Beer and Wine Sales

While breweries are contributing to economic growth in many states, Georgia is being held back by antiquated laws and powerful special interests.

Net Neutrality

Randolph May of the Free State Foundation in Maryland has written a three-part series on this topic that is worth reading to get a free market perspective of this issue. Here is a link to the third paper in the…

What Economics Can Teach Us about Ebola

Social engineers see society as disorganized, unplanned and inefficient. The solution? Let experts take over. Social engineers inevitably believe that a plan can work even though everyone who is expected to carry it out has a self-interest in defeating it.

Making Sense of Georgia’s Labor Market

Like the blind men and the elephant, the competing charges on Georgia's jobless are because of different data.

2014 Forum VIDEO: Tearing Down Walls to Economic Growth

Tax Foundation economist Liz Malm and former North Carolina state Senator Thom Goolsby talked about what Georgia could do to maintain competitive tax strategies.

2014 Forum VIDEO: Education Keynote Address by Clint Bolick

Clint Bolick is universally regarded as one of the greatest school choice legal minds in the country. Bolick delivered the Education Keynote Address at the 2014 Georgia Legislative Policy Forum held September 19 in Atlanta.

The Humanity of Herbert Hoover: A Character of Caring

"In all the history of human suffering I know of … no accomplishment which in terms of magnitude and generosity can be compared to the relief that you have actually accomplished.”

Caveat Investor! Now Feds Want a Bite of Your Mutual Fund

Capital markets should not be subject to central planning by the Fed.

The Sharing Economy

Our colleagues at the Free State Foundation have released a thoughtful new paper, “The Sharing Economy: A Positive Shared Vision for the Future,” that discusses the issues surrounding the emergence of services such as Uber and Airbnb.

Jeffrey Dorfman: Ten Economic Truths Liberals Need to Learn

Today's political climate is highly partisan. Debates are full of personal attacks, harsh words and complete disagreements. With that in mind, here are ten economic facts that liberals need to learn. By University of Georgia applied economics professor Jeffrey Dorfman.

Minimum Wage: No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Swiss voters sent a powerful message last week when they overwhelmingly voted to reject a $24 per hour minimum wage that would have caused lower paid workers to lose their jobs. By Jeffrey Dorfman, Professor of Applied Economics, University of Georgia.

Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling Exemplifies Best of Capitalism

It is a popular theme these days to bash capitalism and idea creators as if their abilities to improve their own status somehow harms someone else. This article by University of Georgia economist Jeffrey Dorfman explains why those who bash capitalism and idea creators fail to make their case, with a nod to "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling.

Obama Minimum Wage Compassion is a Tax Boost for Government

President Obama continues to push for an increase in the federal minimum wage but as University of Georgia economist Jeffrey Dorfman explains here, the biggest winners from Obama's proposal would be government tax collectors.

Hispanics Understand Free-Market Principles

Excerpt from the keynote address by Daniel Garza, executive director of The LIBRE Initiative, at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s 2014 Annual Dinner on March 5, 2014. Garza’s family immigrated to the United States from Mexico. Garza, who as a…

Foundation Releases Study on Retirement Benefits Reform

New study finds Georgia’s combined pension/OPEB systems likely to be "substantially underfunded" beginning in 2014.

Register for Feb. 26 Event on Balanced Budget Amendment

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Register for Balanced Budget Amendment Event

Atlanta –  Have you registered yet for the Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s February 26 Leadership Breakfast?

Are you tired of federal…

Upward Mobility Has Not Declined

A new study finds that the odds of moving up the income ladder are the same today as they were 20 years ago, says the New York Times.