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Partisan Politics and Procrastination Hinder a Border Solution

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to diagnose that the chief problem for the federal government is a lack of prioritization

Should Georgia Slow Down Foster Care Pilot Project?

Georgia's foster care pilot projects seems to be fast-tracked, but would a slower approach work better? By Foundation Editor Mike Klein

Our Nation’s Heroes: Character Witnesses for Georgia’s Youth

Schools are preparing to close after a year of struggling to impart not just academics but character. In some cases, it's even tougher to teach character.

Hispanics Understand Free-Market Principles

Excerpt from the keynote address by Daniel Garza, executive director of The LIBRE Initiative, at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s 2014 Annual Dinner on March 5, 2014. Garza’s family immigrated to the United States from Mexico. Garza, who as a…

Registration Open for, ‘Morality and The Marketplace,’
With Ayn Rand Institute Executive Director Yaron Brook

GEORGIA PUBLIC POLICY FOUNDATION EVENT February 25, 2013 Contact Benita Dodd at 404-256-4050 or

Registration Open for, ‘Morality and The Marketplace,’ With Ayn Rand Institute Executive Director Yaron Brook

Atlanta – Capitalism has been demonized, markets are not so free and individual…

No Matter the Election Winner,
Only Leadership Will Restore America

Steve Jobs encouraged us to “think different.” Our elected officials need to “think different” to engage all of our resources in solving these important challenges.

Why Our High School Graduates Should Take a Citizenship Test

By Sunny Park As an immigrant, I have personally learned and benefited from the tremendous value of this great country, the United States of America. I think it can be summarized as follows: • Freedom — A people willing to die to…