Higher Education Funding and Tuition: How Does Georgia Compare?

The cost of higher education is skyrocketing across the nation, including in Georgia. But how does Georgia compare to other states?

The average amount of annual in-state tuition and fees at Georgia’s public universities increased by more than 31 percent over the last five years (a greater increase than all but one state). The average amount of tuition and fees, $8,447, ranks below the national average at 31st. Net tuition revenue per FTE (tuition after scholarships and other grants) is $4,468, ranking Georgia 41st highest in the nation.

State funding per student is $7,297, which ranks 14th highest in the nation.

Amount Rank
Average Annual In-State Tuition & Fees at Public Four-Year Institutions, 2015-16 $8,447 31
Percentage Change in In-State Tuition & Fees at Public Four-Year Institutions, 2010-11 to 2015-16 31.4% 2
Higher Education Appropriations per FTE Student, 2014 $7,297 14
Public Higher Education Net Tuition Revenue Per FTE, 2014 $4,468 41
State Grant Aid per Undergraduate Student, 2013-14 $1,520 2
Total Educational Revenue Per FTE $11,757 30

Net Tuition Revenue is calculated by taking the gross amount of tuition and fees, less state and institutional financial aid, tuition waivers or discounts, and medical student tuition and fees.

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