Four school choice myths regarding outcomes, selectivity, financial impact and racial segregation

Greg Forster, writing for the Oklahoma Center for Policy Analysis, debunks four school choice myths. 

Among the findings:

  • No empirical study anywhere in the country has ever found that school choice had a negative effect on the academic outcomes of participants.
  • No empirical study has found that it harmed public schools.
  • It is a lie that public schools accept all children. Over 100,000 students are expelled from public schools each year. Many more are removed from regular classrooms and shunted off into “alternative” programs.
  • Participating parents – of all races, income levels and even disability statuses – consistently report that they had little difficulty finding a school that served them. 
  • Fiscal studies consistently confirm that school choice programs don’t harm public school finances, and often strengthen them.
  • School choice reduces racial segregation and provides a more racially integrated school experience. No empirical study has ever found that private school choice increased racial segregation.

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