Video: EPA Carbon Regulations ‘Bad for Georgia,’ Says Foundation President

July 29, 2014

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EPA Carbon Regulations ‘Bad for Georgia,’ Says Foundation President

Atlanta – Kelly McCutchen, president and CEO of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, made the following remarks at today’s Stop the EPA Power Grab Rally organized by Americans for Prosperity outside the Sam Nunn Federal Building in Atlanta. The Environmental Protection Agency is holding two days of hearings in Atlanta on its Clean Power Plan to reduce carbon emissions.

My name is Kelly McCutchen and I’m president of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation. We are a nonpartisan research organization that analyzes public policy.

We have analyzed this public policy and have concluded that it is bad for Georgia.

The EPA’s stated goal was to reduce carbon emissions to limit the threat of global warming – or climate change – or whatever they are calling it today.

But by the EPA’s own admission, these regulations will NOT have a significant impact on global carbon emissions. One thing we do know – this WILL raise the cost of electricity.

So we are raising the cost of living for everyone when so many people are struggling to pay their bills, and we’re reducing our economic competitiveness – at a time when we need more economic growth and more jobs

And we’re asked – No, we’re being told – to make great sacrifices in order to make a minimal impact on global carbon emissions with no assurances that other nations will follow us.

We now know how this will end. Take a look at Australia, where they just repealed their carbon tax due to its negative toll on their economy.

We don’t need these regulations. For decades, American ingenuity has allowed us to keep up with growing energy demands and REDUCE pollution at the same time. Sadly now, instead of investing our scarce resources into research and development to fund breakthroughs in areas like energy storage, we will be wasting millions of dollars on regulatory compliance costs and higher energy prices.

That is clearly a waste of 1,600 pieces of paper.

Foundation Vice President Benita Dodd, who heads up the Foundation’s Environmental Initiative, will testify Tuesday at 6:45 p.m. at the EPA hearings, which were relocated from the Nunn federal Building to the Omni Hotel in Atlanta.  Watch Kelly McCutchen’s remarks at the Stop the EPA Power Grab Rally:

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