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Grace-Marie Turner Discusses Market-Oriented State Health Care Reforms

Grace-Marie Turner, president and founder of the Galen Institute, appeared with Rep. Tom Price at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation's February Policy Luncheon Briefing, to discuss health care reform. She discussed Medicaid options, state exchanges and the recent court ruling by Judge Vinson.… View Article

Josh Belinfante Discusses Medical Malpractice Reform Options

Josh Belinfante discusses medical malpractice review panels and other options for medical malpractice reforms at a policy luncheon at the Georgia State Capitol on February 2, 2011, sponsored by the Georgia Public Policy Foundation and the Heritage Foundation. View his powerpoint presentation here.… View Article

Hans von Spakovsky Discusses Georgia Legal Reforms and Court Rulings

The Heritage Foundation's Senior Legal Fellow, Hans von Spakovsky, discusses medical malpractice reform, recent Georgia Supreme Court rulings and Judge Vinson's ruling at a policy luncheon at the Georgia State Capitol on February 2, 2011, sponsored by the Georgia Public Policy Foundation and the Heritage Foundation.     … View Article

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald On the Need for Medical Malpractice Reform

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald discussed medical malpractice reform at a policy luncheon at the Georgia State Capitol on February 2, 2011, sponsored by the Georgia Public Policy Foundation and the Heritage Foundation. See her Powerpoint presentation here.… View Article

Friday Facts: February 4th, 2011

It’s Friday! Join our Forum! – If you like the Friday Facts, you’ll love The Forum. This interactive community is a series of issue-oriented blogs where you can find breaking stories and analysis from Foundation experts. Join the discussion today! Health care – Georgia was one of 26 states that challenged the new federal health care law in a federal court in Florida. “The existing problems in our national health care system are recognized by everyone in this case,” Judge Roger Vinson wrote in his 78-page ruling this week. “Regardless of how laudable its attempts may have been to accomplish these goals in passing the Act, Congress must operate within the bounds established by the Constitution. … I… View Article

STOP THE NOISE: A Physician’s Quest to Silence the Politics of Health Care Reform

Our friend, Dr. Brian Hill has written an excellent new book. Here's what our experts had to say:   “Physician Brian Hill has managed to convey, with passion and conviction, his concerns aboutthe future of Americans’ health. With the unique clarity of a medical specialist and compassion as one who focuses on dealing with individuals, Dr. Hill diagnoses the damage already done and laysout an alarming prognosis for the future of health care in this country. As he so clearly points out, health care law is but one symptom of an ailing America on a path to self destruction. It’s timewe heed the doctor’s advice and follow his thoughtful roadmap back to limited government, effective solutions and individual accountability.” Benita Dodd, Vice… View Article

Commentary: Home Remedies for What Ails Health Care

Home Remedies for What Ails Health Care By Benita M. Dodd In a week in which the crafters of the new federal health care law probably needed trauma care, two of Georgia's best known physicians were attending a Georgia Public Policy Foundation event focused on what's next. Both are known more for their passion than their profession. Both are authors of new books inspired by this ongoing controversy; both offer solutions, not snake oil. Three-term Georgia Congressman Tom Price, a speaker at the Foundation event, is a key opponent of President Obama's cornerstone legislation. Just this week, in a 26-state challenge that included Georgia, a Florida judge ruled the entire health care law unconstitutional because of the mandate that everyone… View Article

Legal Opinion: Health Care Reform Is Struck Down Immediately in Georgia

Speaking at the Georgia State Capitol this week, Heritage Foundation Senior Legal Fellow Robert Alt clarified that Judge Vinson's ruling serves as the equivalent of an injunction, immediately striking down the law in Georgia and the other 25 states participating in the lawsuit.… View Article

New Study Shows Medicaid Expansion Could Outstrip Georgia’s Primary Care Capacity

Georgia ranks second in a new study by the The New England Journal of Medicine on the challenges of serving Obamacare’s dramatically increased Medicaid population. "Eight states – Oklahoma, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Nevada, North Carolina, and Kentucky – face the greatest challenges. These states are expected to have large Medicaid expansions yet now have weak primary care capacity. In the absence of additional efforts, the demand for care by newly insured patients could outstrip the supply of primary care providers in these states."… View Article

Criminal Justice Reform Has Bipartisan Support

Larry Peterson reports in the Savannah Morning News: Gov. Nathan Deal says he's moving ahead to reduce Georgia's prison population by diverting non-violent drug offenders to other programs. Deal touted the idea – already being implemented in some parts of Georgia, including Chatham County – in his Jan. 10 inaugural speech. "One out of every 13 Georgia residents is under some form of correctional control," he said. "It costs about $3 million per day to operate our Department of Corrections." A 2009 national report said drug-related crimes were listed as the primary offense for about 17 percent of Georgia's prisoners. Deal has made it clear he's not interested in springing repeat or violent offenders. But locking up non-violent offenders… View Article

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