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The Macon Telegraph published Benita Dodd’s response to their op-ed on carbon emissions and the EPA. A misguided EPA EPA’s Clean Power Plan is a misguided effort that will clean out Americans’ wallets and expand control over industry without doing anything to “protect the health of millions.” Even EPA admits that indoor air quality is far more dangerous than outdoor air quality. Its own records show that America’s air quality is better than ever. And even the EPA admits it has no reason to believe that its proposal will make any difference to this nation’s air quality. According to the EPA administrator, it’s “part of an overall strategy that is positioning the U.S. for leadership in an international discussion.” Meanwhile,… View Article
Morris News reported on the results of a school choice poll released at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s 2014 Friedman Legacy for Freedom event held in Macon on July 10. Poll shows broad support for school choice By Walter C. Jones Morris News Service ATLANTA — Georgians, by a wide margin, support tax credits and scholarships for private-school tuition, according to a university survey released Thursday by a foundation that advocates school choice. The Economics of Education Policy Center at Georgia College & State University sponsored the poll that showed 81 of those questioned agree with state law that grants partial, tax-funded, tuition vouchers to the parents of handicapped students who prefer to send their children to private schools. A… View Article
This op-ed appeared in May 7, 2014 edition of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Free trade agreements benefit Ga. job creators By Benita Dodd  Georgia businesses have just broken their own record. Thanks largely to booming sales of aircraft components, companies exported $37.6 billion worth of goods last year, up by well over a billion dollars from the previous high the year before. The export sector has been a source of excellent news for a state still recovering from the Great Recession and struggling with joblessness. But the state’s global commercial reach could be even greater. Many countries still erect barriers to keep some American products from competing on a level playing field. The solution: Negotiate tough trade agreements with countries blocking… View Article

Friday Facts: Making the News

In the Friday Facts of  April 18, the Foundation shared the news that Georgia ranks second only to Utah among the 50 states in the percentage of income given to charities. The Savannah Morning News turned that Friday Fact into a great editorial! IF IT’S better to give than to receive — charity is, after all, one of the three theological virtues — then Georgians should pat themselves on the back. Modestly, of course. That’s because the Fraser Institute, a respected public policy research group in Canada, has ranked Georgia second only to Utah among the 50 states in the percentage of income given to charities. Those familiar with the tradition of giving to the less fortunate in this area… View Article
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Sunday edition of April 27, 2014 published an op-ed by Foundation Vice President Benita Dodd on what Georgia should do next on the transportation front. Getting moving again on transportation fixes By Benita Dodd  Georgia’s economy is picking up, and with it the daily traffic congestion as growing numbers of commuters travel to jobs. Inertia followed the failure of the 2012 transportation sales tax (T-SPLOST) in nine of 12 regions, but it’s time to move forward on transportation. Georgia still needs funding. Congress’ stalemate and growing national infrastructure demands are shrinking the federal pot. At home, even if Georgia legislators possessed the political will to increase it, the state fuel tax remains a source of diminishing funds.… View Article

AJC Quotes Foundation on Tax Breaks

In The Atlanta Journal-Constitution of April 15, 2014, GPPF president Kelly McCutchen was asked his views on the $240 million-plus in tax breaks signed into law. “This haphazard way of doing tax reform is not very effective,” he said.  “I certainly would rather us … undertake comprehensive tax reform so we didn’t have to resort to special tax breaks.” View Article
The Atlanta Business Chronicle of April 13 quoted Foundation Vice President Benita Dodd in an “Atlanta awaits new streetcar,” an article on the Atlanta Streetcar. By H.M. Cauley At age 11, Tim Borchers had what he describes as a “life-changing” experience. His grandparents gave him a gift: a pass to ride on the streetcar in his Australian hometown. “The moment I gave the conductor my ticket, I was lost in the streetcar world,” he said. The 52-year-old spent most of his life in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria in south Australia, where streetcars are a key transit component, ferrying commuters and tourists along 150 miles of track that crisscross the city and stretch out as far as the… View Article

AJC Article on Transit Quotes Foundation

Foundation Vice President Benita Dodd proposed bus service instead of rail expansion in an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “Falling transit use in metro rides against U.S. trend,” by Andria Simmons, in the Sunday edition on April 13, 2014. The article appeared on page B1, the front of the Metro section. By Andria Simmons Daren Givens’ weekend outings used to begin with MARTA — a bus or train ride from his Fairlie-Poplar neighborhood to the zoo, a concert or an intown festival. That changed over the past few years as MARTA raised its prices. Givens started riding his bicycle a lot more. And though they still take MARTA to work, on weekends Givens, his wife and their young son… View Article
Here is a selection of photos from our 2014 Annual Dinner!  What a great night we had celebrating with friends who’ve stood with us during 23 years of work to improve public policy in Georgia for everyone who lives here.  Thanks to our sponsors and friends whose support makes our work possible.  Thanks to our outstanding keynote speaker Daniel Garza, executive director of The LIBRE Initiative and former White House official during the President George W. Bush administration.  Thanks to our Great American Achievers who told their personal stories:  Sunny Park, Noel Khalil, Lisa Kelly and Anish Joseph.  Make sure to check our YouTube channel for videos which will be posted starting Monday, March 10.  And, we will be posting… View Article

Thank you for what you are doing to lead the nation. The Georgia Public Policy Foundation is leading the way. This is truly one of the leading lights in the state think tank movement. Excellent ideas. It’s well run. For those of you who are donors I congratulate you on your wisdom and I encourage you to do it and do it more.

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