December 8 Event: ‘The Case for K-12 Student-Based Budgeting in Georgia’

Just how does Georgia ensure that funding follows the student in ways that enable families to embrace education innovation?

Taking on Bill Maher: Who benefits from the sharing economy?

Bill Maher recently went on a rant about the sharing economy. Is he right?

News Release: Foundation Hosts Savannah Event July 29

Join the Foundation in Savannah July 29, find out about education and school choice in 2016!

News Release: Ray Padrón Joins Foundation Board

Foundation adds Ray Padrón to Board of Trustees.

Celebrate Friedman Legacy for Freedom Day in Georgia’s First City!

Join Georgia’s only free-market think tank in Georgia’s First City July 29 as we celebrate Milton Friedman!

Secretary of State Brian Kemp Keynotes May 14 Event

“License to Work,” May 15 Leadership Breakfast, is keynoted by Secretary of State Brian Kemp

Where are we as of Day 40?

Status of key economic issues (updated at 10 pm): Education: Increase in the cap on the tuition tax credit scholarship that was hit in a matter of hours on January 1 of this year: No action Education Savings Accounts, similar to those in Arizona and Florida, that allows parents to tailor education spending to meet the unique needs of their children: Passed committee, no vote in the House Creation of a Opportunity School District for failing schools: Passed Move on When Ready 2.0 allowing high school students to take college … Continue Reading →

Update on Transportation Funding

Below is the current allocation of motor fuel taxes based on the four-year average price of motor fuel where the consumer pays 29.2 cents per gallon. Cents Per Gallon Revenue (in Millions) State Excise Tax 7.5 $450 State Sales Tax 10.2 $610 State Sales Tax (“4th Penny”) 3.4 $203 Local Sales Tax (based on $3.39 average retail price) 8.1 $488 29.2 $1,752 Below would be the allocation of motor fuel taxes based on the current version of the Transportation Funding Act (as of March 4) with the proposed amendment to … Continue Reading →

Foundation Responds to Op-Ed in Atlanta Journal-Constitution

2014 Forum VIDEO: Fall of the Berlin Wall 25th Anniversary

The Berlin Wall was erected starting in 1961 and it came down in 1989. At the 2014 Legislative Policy Forum we heard from the son of the 1948-49 Berlin Airlift commander and the son of an East German guard who escaped from Communism in 1961.

2014 Forum VIDEO: Tearing Down Doctor – Patient Walls

The U.S. health care system confounds and confuses nearly everyone. We discussed the impact on practitioners and patients at the 2014 Georgia Legislative Policy Forum.

2014 Forum VIDEO: Leadership Address by Herman Cain

Herman Cain received the Conservative Policy Leadership Institute Principles Award at the Georgia Legislative Policy Forum on Friday, September 19, in Atlanta.

Video Forum: Governor Deal Video Address to DFCS Employees

Governor Nathan Deal spoke to state Division of Family and Children Services employees today via the internet, one day after he announced a major shake-up at DFCS. The video was uploaded to YouTube.

Remembering the Importance of Celebrating American Heroes

A while back in our American experience heroes mattered. On this Memorial Day weekend take a moment to celebrate the heroes in your life. By Foundation Editor Mike Klein.

Video Forum: Eight Important Issues That Impact Georgians

Videos: Atlanta Journal-Constitution conservative columnist Kyle Wingfield and Georgia Center for Opportunity public policy vice president Eric Cochling discuss eight very important policy issues for Georgians.

Video: Eric Cochling, Kyle Wingfield Dissect 2014 Legislature

Good enough on some levels but not good enough across-the-board. Eric Cochling and Kyle Wingfield talked about the 2014 Georgia General Assembly at our March Leadership Breakfast.

Video: Too Many People Are Looking for Free Stuff

Sunny Park pays more in federal annual taxes than many people earn in a lifetime. And it all began with his first job in America, earning $1.80 per hour to clean toilets. Today he wonders whether America is going soft.

Video: America Remains the Land of Best Opportunity

Video from our GPPF 2014 Annual Dinner: Noel Khalil talks about his “unique parents … They taught us the value of work and they taught us the value of being responsible.”

Georgia Public Policy Foundation Annual Dinner Photos

Here is a selection of photos from our 2014 Annual Dinner! What a great night we had celebrating with friends who’ve stood with us during 23 years of work to improve public policy in Georgia for everyone who lives here.

Upcoming Events: Balanced Budget Event; Annual Dinner

Worried about federal spending? Interested in immigration? Attend these events.