Atlanta Journal-Constitution Publishes our Op-Ed on Trade Authority

Free-trade agreements have benefited Georgia job creators.

Friday Facts: Making the News

Georgia Public Policy Foundaton Friday Facts, the pathway to news!

AJC Article on Transit Quotes Foundation

Foundation Vice President Benita Dodd proposed bus service instead of rail expansion in an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “Falling transit use in metro rides against U.S. trend,” by Andria Simmons, in the Sunday edition on April 13, 2014. The article appeared on page B1, the front of the Metro section. By Andria Simmons Daren Givens’ weekend outings used to begin with MARTA — a bus or train ride from his Fairlie-Poplar neighborhood to the zoo, a concert or an intown festival. That changed over the past few years … Continue Reading →

Atlanta Business Chronicle Quotes Foundation on Streetcar

Foundation Vice President Benita Dodd comments on the streetcar development, calling it a waste of money.

AJC Quotes Foundation on Tax Breaks

In The Atlanta Journal-Constitution of April 15, 2014, GPPF president Kelly McCutchen was asked his views on the $240 million-plus in tax breaks signed into law. “This haphazard way of doing tax reform is not very effective,” he said.  “I certainly would rather us … undertake comprehensive tax reform so we didn’t have to resort to special tax breaks.”

Foundation op-ed on Medicaid appears in AJC Sunday, April 13, 2013

Georgia Public Policy Foundation Annual Dinner Photos

Here is a selection of photos from our 2014 Annual Dinner! What a great night we had celebrating with friends who’ve stood with us during 23 years of work to improve public policy in Georgia for everyone who lives here.

AJC Interviews Foundation President Kelly McCutchen on Medicaid

Kelly McCutchen is quoted in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Medicaid expansion

GPB Interviews Benita Dodd Ahead of ‘Catastrophic’ Snowstorm

“We don’t deal with this weather on a routine basis like Northeastern states. In my book, over-preparation would be having all of this equipment on hand and maintaining it.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Publishes Op-ed on SNAP (food stamps)

The Friday, Nov.1,  2013 edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an op-ed by Foundation Vice President Benita Dodd on rollbacks in benefits for food stamp recipients, entitled, “No Grandstanding, End the Spending.” By Benita M. Dodd The numbers certainly are a cause for concern. The federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly referred to as the food stamp program, reached nearly 14 percent of U.S. households in 2012. That’s up from 8.6 percent in 2008, at the height of the economic recession. Today, about 48 million Americans rely on … Continue Reading →

Atlanta Journal-Constitution praises Foundation Medicaid Solution

AJC editorial cites Foundation’s Medicaid proposal.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Publishes Foundation LTE on Civil Asset Forfeiture

Kelly McCutchen’s letter to the editor was published in the June 23, 2013 issue of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in response to an editorial on civil asset forfeiture in Georgia.

Journal-Constitution Report: Foundation
Examining Common Core Standards

Scott Johnson, a new member of the state Board of Education, says Foundation, an “honest broker,” is examining Common Core.

Cincinnati Enquirer Quotes Foundation on Streetcar Costs

Cincinnati Enquirer seeks Foundation’s view on streetcar budget overruns

AJC’s Kyle Wingfield Cites Foundation in Transportation Column

Columnist Kyle Wingfield of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution cited the Georgia Public Policy Foundation in his May 2, 2013 column on a regional approach to transportation

Foundation President Kelly McCutchen Cited in Rome News-Tribune

Foundation in The News: The Rome News-Tribune cited Foundation President Kelly McCutchen in an article in which Dr. Ben Carson proposed ending property taxes and replacing them with a statewide tax: His suggestion to replace local property taxes with state funding isn’t so easy to do, according to Kelly McCutchen, president of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation. It would mean raising state taxes equal to double the current income tax. Even then, the idea could backfire. Much of the difference comes from the amount  local districts choose to add to what … Continue Reading →

“Road Diets” Commentary Mentioned in Marietta Daily Journal

Foundation in the news: In his April 21, 2013, column in the Marietta Daily Journal, Ron Sifen refers to a recent GPPF commentary on the “road diet” trend “Should GDOT spend our transportation dollars on streetscapes that may decorate  our environment, but do nothing to improve our mobility? “Even worse, in  their recent “Road Diets” article, the Georgia Public Policy Foundation  demonstrates that some of our transportation dollars are being spent on projects  that actually impede our mobility!” Read more:  The Marietta Daily Journal To read the GPPF commentary, … Continue Reading →

Student Outreach Scholarship Program Announcement

This week the Georgia Public Policy Foundation formally announced its new Student Outreach Scholarship Program that will enable university students to network with leading conservative policy makers at no charge to the students or to their schools. Foundation Vice President Benita Dodd unveiled the scholarship program at our April 23 telemedicine leadership event. Learn how you can become involved in this Foundation announcement.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution quotes Foundation CEO opposing Medicaid Expansion in Georgia

“The issue is what is the best way to address the uninsured in Georgia, and is it sustainable?”

GPB Prime Time Lawmakers: January 16, 2013

Foundation President Kelly McCutchen appeared on Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Prime Time Lawmakers on Wednesday, January 16, to participate in a panel discussion on school choice and public charter schools