Education Innovation at the 2018 Georgia Legislative Policy Forum

Every young Georgian deserves the opportunity to become a productive citizen. School choice can help families make responsible decisions to meet their student’s educational needs.

New Frontiers for Patient Power

The idea behind Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) is a simple one: when spending from an account we own and control, we become fully empowered consumers in the medical marketplace.

Bottleneckers: A Chokehold on Good Government

A new book describes a “bottlenecker” as “anyone who uses government power to limit competition and thereby reap monopoly profits and other benefits.”

Georgians Share their Health Plan Experiences

We asked Georgians to share their health plan experiences under the Affordable Care Act.

Rome’s Free Clinic: Community Taking Charge

Low-income, uninsured Georgians often have no primary care physician and are unable to afford to visit one.

Energy discussion at Heartland’s Emerging Issues Forum

Benita Dodd moderates a panel on energy and environment issues at the Heartland Institute Emerging Issues South Forum in Nashville.

Georgia Public Policy Foundation Media Policy

The Georgia Public Policy Foundation waives the cost of publications and registration fees for public meetings and events to credentialed members of the media.

Time for a Do-Over on Dodd-Frank

Dodd-Frank and the resulting government interference have done more harm than good for American consumers by crippling small businesses and stunting job growth.

A Reality Check on King v. Burwell and Health Care Subsidies

Most of the media attention surrounding the upcoming U.S. Supreme court decision in King v. Burwell has focused on the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies in the federally operated exchanges. Many people do not realize that these ACA subsidies are not unique: Almost all health care is subsidized.

King v. Burwell and the Cost of Health Insurance

A reduction in the underlying cost of health insurance is an often-overlooked benefit of a U.S. Supreme Court decision in favor of the plaintiff in the King v. Burwell case.

Georgia Leading the Way on Criminal Justice Reform

Georgia’s successful criminal justice reforms were highlighted recently at an event in Atlanta hosted by the Charles Koch Institute.

As Sunshine Week Approaches, Cloud Hangs over Solar Financing in Georgia

As Sunshine Week approaches, shining a light on solar energy in Georgia.

Two ways of looking at alternative health care reforms

A “Yes, if…” approach identifies concerns and seeks input of creative ideas and consensus solutions. It is a preferable approach for health care reform.

Make Foundation’s 2015 Wish List a To-Do List

This year’s Foundation wish list for the Gold Dome to-do list focuses on tax reform, transportation, health care and education.

Empowering Parents and Students More Important Than Who Funds Scholarships

By Jon East Florida is one of 14 states that provide tax credit scholarships to children who can’t afford a private school, and a financial approach born of necessity has become one of its greatest strengths. Since the state has no personal income tax, its scholarship relies exclusively on tax-credited contributions from companies. Those contributions, in turn, have fueled the largest scholarship program in the nation. In its 13th year, the Florida program is now serving nearly 69,000 of the state’s most economically disadvantaged students in more than 1,500 private … Continue Reading →

Checking Up On Health: October 28, 2014

Wait. You thought that was a cancellation of your health care policy? Wrong, according to the Obama administration!

Checking Up On Health: October 7, 2014

If Ebola is the enemy, should we allow it to gain a foothold here?

2014 Georgia Legislative Policy Forum

5th Annual Georgia Legislative Policy Forum Theme: “Tearing Down Walls” (25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall) Date: Friday, September 19, 2014 Location: Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel 2450 Galleria Parkway; Atlanta, GA  30339 Time: 7:30-8 a.m. Coffee/Breakfast | 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. Program Lunch included AGENDA 7:30-8:00 – Continental Breakfast 8:00  Welcome – Senator Hunter Hill 8:20 – 8:55 Breakfast Keynote: Clint Bolick, Director, Goldwater Institute’s Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation 9:00 – 10:15 Session One: Tearing Down the Wall to Education Opportunity and Choice Sajan George – Founder and CEO, Matchbook Learning Gerard Robinson – former Secretary of Education in Virginia and … Continue Reading →

The Mother of All Slush Funds

By Ronald E. Bachman   Now that Congress is back in session and President Obama has spoken, Washington’s focus on the various health plans will intensify. But health legislation passing through Congress has nothing to do with health reform, or even health care. It is about raw political power.   Controlling $2.5 trillion with grants, awards and expanded federal bureaucracies is a winning combination for increasing government intrusion into citizens’ lives. Congress has proposed minimizing individual responsibility and maximizing central power in Washington. The power includes the ability to spend … Continue Reading →

Checking Up On Health: August 5, 2014

‘Priceline’ for health care, 50 ways to cut your costs and five reasons to be glad you have U.S. health care.