Crossing the Line: DeKalb County's New Ban on Smoking

By Chris Carr

Right or wrong, needed or unneeded, government regulates commerce all of the time. Government will mandate, for instance, how much pollution may be released into the air, how many handicapped spaces must be included in a parking…

Technology Can Trump Tough Love

Sometimes, efforts to legislate and regulate turn ordinary Americans into lawbreakers or foundering pariahs.

Proposed Tobacco Tax Hike Deserves To Be Snuffed Out

A tax is a tax is a tax.

Agenda 2005: A Guide to the Issues- Health Care

Health Care


Goal: an affordable, effective health care system that promotes longer, healthier lives for all Georgians.

Encourage the adoption of consumer-based health care plans so that traditional market forces can influence the cost of medical services as they now influence and…
Percentage of adults who own mobile phones

Reforming Medicaid with Technology

Integrating health IT into Medicaid could actually address many of the challenges faced by the Medicaid population.

Smokes and Mirrors in Resolving Budget Woes

By E. Frank Stephenson 

The General Assembly convened this year facing the daunting challenge of closing a billion-dollar budget hole, partly caused by the slumping economy and the consequent decrease in tax revenues. Few, if any, forecasters or policy-makers foresaw a…

Health Care Reform: Treat Disease, Not Symptoms

By Brian E. Hill, M.D.

If physicians treated symptoms, they would never cure. Prescribing a cough suppressant to a patient with an intractable cough without searching for an underlying cause, for example, is obviously foolhardy. If cancer were present, it would…

Checking Up On Health: August 17, 2016

What should you save for health care in your retirement?

Consumer Driven Health Plans – Working as Intended

By Greg Scandlen

Consumer Driven Health Plans have been around for about five years now. They began in June 2002, when the Internal Revenue Service released its first guidance on Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), but really got a boost in December…

Checking Up On Health: July 23, 2013

Winners and losers under ObamaCare, who’s jumping ship and why the new law won’t reduce emergency room visits.

Checking Up On Health: June 2, 2015

You'd be surprised to find out what can predict five-year mortality. Hint: Walk faster!

Commentary: Asthma and Pollution: a Puzzling Picture

By Harold Brown

The picture of air pollution, asthma and other respiratory diseases has been imprinted as a clear image on the minds of Georgians, especially in metro Atlanta. High ozone days bring on warnings to people subject to asthma…

Guide to the Issues: Health Care


Sound health care policy should have the following characteristics:

Patient-centered– Putting economic purchasing power and decision-making in the hands of participants minimizes third-party reimbursements, which foster an environment of entitlement and unlimited demand for health care services. Security for the sickest– Any…

Friday Facts: October 22nd, 2010

It’s Friday!   Quotable – “There is no good reason to think the [Federal Communications Commission] should engineer electronic devices and interfaces based on its own views about what technologies and applications work best. Nor is there good reason to trust the FCC’s predictions about what kinds of investments cable operators and device manufacturers should risk in research and marketing for devices and interfaces to meet future consumer demands.” –  Seth L. Cooper, Free State Foundation – “From the President on down, the only proffered rationale for putting tens and eventually hundreds … Continue Reading →

Friday Facts: December 17th, 2010

  It’s Friday!   What’s happening at the Foundation – This week, the Foundation joined national leaders and several state-based think tanks in announcing the Right on Crime initiative. The initiative proposes six principles to guide state reforms to reduce recidivism rates, restore victims, reform offenders, protect communities and protect taxpayers. Read more about the initiative in Mike Klein’s blog in The Forum, the Foundation’s interactive community of  Georgians discussing the issues of greatest concern with the Foundation’s experts. – If you haven’t joined the The Forum, register now and join the discussion at   Quotable – “Because an individual’s … Continue Reading →

Consumer-Driven Health Care Fact Sheet on HSA-Eligible Policies

“The Inconvenient Truths”

  The 2008 Georgia General Assembly is considering legislation to lower the number of uninsureds in Georgia and to make HSA-eligible plans more affordable to all Georgians. While some would have us move towards Washington-based health care, the following are “The Inconvenient Truths”…

Hellish Health Reform

By Ronald E. Bachman

The loudest voices clamoring for health “reform” in Washington are seldom considering health or health care first. The furor is about power: Controlling $2.5 trillion gives politicians control over election results.  

Legislation stumbling through Congress is loaded…

Ten Things to Look for in Health Care Reform

By Kelly McCutchen

Disguised as “reform,” numerous health care proposals are finding support. The result is a mishmash of plans that do little to improve access, quality or cost. There are at least 10 criteria that provide a foundation for reform.


Shifting the Health Care Debate from Irate to Ideas

By Ronald E. Bachman 

Americans are clearly angry about the policies and politics of Washington, D.C., and the Tea Party movement has led the way, uniting the silent majority and giving renewed voice to American principles of limited government, personal responsibility,…

Dealing More Effectively with Juvenile Crime

By John G. Malcolm Georgia’s juvenile justice system needs reform. The system is failing the citizens of Georgia and, ironically, the juveniles it is supposed to “rehabilitate.” The whole system is premised on by-gone days when children did not engage…