Georgia Charter School Handbook


The Technical Assistance section of the Charter School Resource Center has been developed to provide in-depth information about charter school operations in Georgia under six main topics: Mission Statements; Curriculum; Finances and Facilities; Accountability and Assessment; Governance and Leadership;…

State Policy Network Profiles Kyle Wingfield

The State Policy Network interviewed Kyle Wingfield, who became the president and CEO of The Georgia Public Policy Foundation in April 2018.

Georgia’s Teacher Pension Plan Faces Significant Financial Risk

The Teachers Retirement System (TRS) of Georgia alarmed legislators and stakeholders when it requested over $588 million in increased contributions in the 2017 and 2018 legislative sessions combined, largely the result of missed actuarial assumptions.

Managed Lanes, The Untolled Story

Since the opening of the reversible express toll lanes on I-75 and I-575, enough commuters are choosing to pay the tolls that it’s making an enormous difference to traffic flow in the general-purpose lanes.

Bobby Jindal's Bold ... Make That, Really Bold ... Tax Move

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) has made the most provocative tax reform recommendation in many years. Jindal said he would overhaul the tax law. If he has his way, he'll revolutionize it. The governor proposes to eliminate both the personal and corporate income laws in Louisiana. Why eliminate all the income taxes in the state? Jindal thinks it would be a boon to the economy.

Flint's Water Crisis Hides the Blessing

Childhood lead poisoning prevention is one of the “Ten Great Public Health Achievements” from 2001 to 2010.

Obama Minimum Wage Compassion is a Tax Boost for Government

President Obama continues to push for an increase in the federal minimum wage but as University of Georgia economist Jeffrey Dorfman explains here, the biggest winners from Obama's proposal would be government tax collectors.

HOT Lanes Moving Right Along For Georgia

By Benita M. Dodd

Help is finally on the way for frustrated travelers once resigned to the absence of wide-open roads in metro Atlanta as policy-makers conquer the anti-automobile agenda and focus on reality-based transportation solutions.

Two promising signs came just this…

Regional Task Force On Growth Aptly Concludes 'Less is More'

By Benita M. Dodd

To see the opposing labels slapped on metro Atlanta is to wonder whether people are referring to the same place. The region is denounced across the globe as out of control, congested: the “poster child for sprawl.”…

Redistributing Wealth Through Health ‘Reform’

By Ronald Bachman 

It turns out that “Joe the Plumber” gave us the real insight to the ultimate goals of the Obama presidency and the current Congress: redistribution of wealth.  Centralized government power, federal control and redistribution of wealth seem to…

A Primer on the Case for the Future of Choice in Health Care

All you need to know about King v. Burwell

Checking Up on Health

By Benita M. Dodd

Benita M. Dodd, Vice President, Georgia Public Policy Foundation

– Where to next? While the Supreme Court’s decision is likely a month away, theAmerican people already have made up their minds over the federal health care law, ccording…

What if the Exchanges Are Not Ready on Time?

One of the worst mistakes the federal government makes is the tendency to try to reinvent systems the private sector has already invented.

Commentary: Clearing the Air on Saving Americans' Lives

By R. Harold Brown

Did you know that America’s cleaner air has saved more than 2.5 million lives over 20 years? It was news to me, but it must be true: It’s reported on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Web site.…

The Humanity of Herbert Hoover: A Character of Caring

"In all the history of human suffering I know of … no accomplishment which in terms of magnitude and generosity can be compared to the relief that you have actually accomplished.”

Pro-Growth Tax Reform in Georgia: Claims vs. Reality

The Georgia Senate voted Wednesday to approve a pro-growth tax reform that would reduce Georgia’s marginal personal income tax rate, the first change since the rate was implemented in 1937. Final passage depends on the House agreeing to the Senate’s…

Checking Up On Health: January 26, 2016

Uber for health care, celebrity deaths, palliative care and health care numbers.

Medicaid Expansion: Hand Up or Handcuff?

The key question is: Is Medicaid expansion beyond the poverty level a "hand up" or a "handcuff?"

Why Our High School Graduates Should Take a Citizenship Test

By Sunny Park As an immigrant, I have personally learned and benefited from the tremendous value of this great country, the United States of America. I think it can be summarized as follows: • Freedom — A people willing to die to…

An Unhealthy Obsession with Climate Change

By Harold Brown

Harold Brown, Senior Fellow, Georgia Public Policy Foundation

On June 1 came the encouraging news that President Trump has decided the United States will exit the U.N. Paris climate agreement. The agreement imposes huge burdens while producing…