From Entitlement to Empowerment: Welfare Reform in Georgia, Part I

Amy Bilskie

December 2, 1996


August 22, 1996, marked a dramatic new day for America’s welfare programs.  On that day President Clinton signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 into law, bringing to an end some 30 years…

Shifting the Health Care Debate from Irate to Ideas

By Ronald E. Bachman 

Americans are clearly angry about the policies and politics of Washington, D.C., and the Tea Party movement has led the way, uniting the silent majority and giving renewed voice to American principles of limited government, personal responsibility,…

Governor Deal Proposes $700 Million Bonds Package

Mike Klein, GPPF Forum Editor

Governor Nathan Deal’s Fiscal 2013 proposed budget includes $700 million in new bonded projects with $235 million for the University System, $177 million for the state Board of Education and $55 million for the…

Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy

By Lawrence W. Reed The following contains excerpts from a speech given by Larry Reed, an adjunct scholar with the Georgia Public Policy Foundation and president of the Midland, Michigan-based Mackinac Center for Public Policy, to the Economic Club of Detroit…

Agenda 2004: A Guide to the Issues

Legal Reform


Ensure that Georgia’s tort and contract laws do not discourage the development of business in the state. Ensure that Georgia’s procedural laws are appropriate for the equitable distribution of justice. Require any scientific evidence or other expert testimony to meet a…

Leaner State Budget a Better Fit

By Benita M. Dodd and Kelly McCutchen

The wailing and gnashing of teeth under the Gold Dome might easily persuade some Georgians that drastic measures are needed for lawmakers to bridge the budget gap for fiscal 2004. Certainly, some advocates for…

NCPA on Higher Education and Online Courses

Online colleges are an attractive alternative to expensive bricks-and-mortar institutions.

Bobby Jindal's Bold ... Make That, Really Bold ... Tax Move

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) has made the most provocative tax reform recommendation in many years. Jindal said he would overhaul the tax law. If he has his way, he'll revolutionize it. The governor proposes to eliminate both the personal and corporate income laws in Louisiana. Why eliminate all the income taxes in the state? Jindal thinks it would be a boon to the economy.

Consumer-Driven Health Care Fact Sheet on HSA-Eligible Policies

“The Inconvenient Truths” 

   The 2008 Georgia General Assembly is considering legislation to lower the number of uninsureds in Georgia and to make HSA-eligible plans more affordable to all Georgians. While some would have us move towards Washington-based health care, the following are “The Inconvenient Truths”…

Tapestry Public Charter School's Special Mission

Tapestry Public Charter School's special mission is to help autistic children. By Foundation Editor Mike Klein

Commentary: The Hidden Cost of "Planning"

By Randal O’Toole

Planners rarely say, even among themselves, that one goal of growth-management planning is to drive up housing prices in order to discourage people from living on large lots. One rare exception recently took place in Portland, Oregon, when…

Atlanta Business Chronicle Highlights Work on Tax Reform

An article in The Atlanta Business Chronicle edition of November 22-28, 2013, cites the Foundation's work on tax reform in 2013.

Foundation, Dozens of Groups Add Support to CEI Over AG Overreach

Letter supports CEI after attorney general's subpoena over climate change communications.

Alternative Transit Project Delivery Offers Attractive Options

Public-private partnerships have been slow to take off in the United States, but they hold many benefits.

Don't Buy Tax-Free Weekends

Sales tax holidays are no part of sound tax policy.

Sandy Springs: A Case Study on Centralization of Local Government

Eva C. Galambos, Ph.D.

For twenty years, Atlanta and Sandy Springs have been at odds about the incorporation of Sandy Springs. Atlanta would like to expand its boundaries north into Sandy Springs, while the residents of Sandy Springs would…

Pro-Growth Tax Reform in Georgia: Claims vs. Reality

The Georgia Senate voted Wednesday to approve a pro-growth tax reform that would reduce Georgia’s marginal personal income tax rate, the first change since the rate was implemented in 1937. Final passage depends on the House agreeing to the Senate’s…

Mugged by Reality

Eight Lessons We've Learned About the Epidemic of Crime and What to Do About it

For Water Conservation, Pricing Trumps Prohibition

By Benita Dodd

Within the next few months, Georgians across the state will never again be able to water more than three days a week. State officials, working to foster a culture of conservation, called it “a very big step” for…

GA Education Bill Could Create More Charter Opportunity

Georgia charter school issues have been relatively quiet during the current General Assembly but that could change soon. House legislation that passed the Education Committee last week would improve the chances for successful charter schools to replicate their models. By Foundation Editor Mike Klein