Six Ways Education Options Benefit Georgia’s Children


Increasing education options for families empowers parents to choose an educational setting that works best for their children, and the logic goes beyond dollars and cents. Here are six real ways that increasing options benefit Georgia families.


  1. Staying in school
    Students in public charter schools were 8% more likely to stay in college for two consecutive semesters and were 2% more likely to complete their degree or certificate.
  2. Higher Graduation Rates
    Access to an Education Scholarship Account could mean up to 15,000 more Georgians earn their high school diploma.
  3. Saving for the Future
    An Education Scholarship Account would roll over, giving families a new opportunity to save for their child’s higher education.
  4. Fewer Felonies
    Access to Education Scholarship Accounts could be associated with 353 fewer Georgians in the criminal justice system every year.
  5. More Teacher Involvement
    Teachers at private schools and public charter schools were more than twice as likely to meet with students each day during Spring 2020 school closures.
  6. College Enrollment
    Georgia charter school attendance is associated with a 6% greater likelihood of college attendance.


Education choice can help more Georgia students get the education that is best for them and equip them for the real world. Learn more about how options like Education Savings Accounts can help all students with our latest study: Funding Students Instead of Institutions

2 thoughts on “Six Ways Education Options Benefit Georgia’s Children

  1. This is just another attempt at killing public education. Parents already have options. Public school, home school, private school. I’m guessing that Georgia Public Policy is a right wing group salivating over the prospect of Charter schools do they can get richer at the expense of children’s education.

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