FBI Releases 2017 Uniform Crime Report

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(September 24, 2018): The FBI has  released its Uniform Crime Reporting statistics for 2017, a compilation of the volume and rate of violent and property crime offenses for the nation and by state.

In Georgia, violent crime declined 8.5 percent overall in 2017 compared to 2016, but the murder rate was up nearly 2 percent.

Some Georgia details from the FBI database:

  • Violent  crimes declined 8.5 percent
  • Rape crimes declined 20.5 percent
  • Robbery declined 18 percent
  • Aggravated assault declined 2.3 percent
  • Property crime declined 4 percent
  • The murder rate increased 1.9 percent

Among Georgia’s metro areas, Albany had the highest rates of violent crime, murder and aggravated assault. Columbus was worst for rape and robbery. Macon was worst for property crime, although the area where car theft was most prevalent was Atlanta.

Georgia’s safest metros? Dalton had the lowest rates of violent crime, murder and robbery, and Rome was lowest for rape. Gainesville was where people were least likely to be victims of aggravated assault or property crime. Your car was safest from theft in Athens.

— Kyle Wingfield

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As an employer, and a parent and a graduate of Georgia public schools, I am pleased that the Foundation has undertaken this project. (The report card) provides an excellent tool for parents and educators to objectively evaluate our public high schools. It will further serve a useful purpose as a benchmark for the future to measure our schools’ progress.

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