Georgia Ranks 17th in K-12 Achievement

January 9th, 2014 by Leave a Comment

Georgia’s K-12 Achievement ranks 17th highest in the nation, according to an Education Week report released today.

In terms of absolute performance relative to other states, Georgia’s performance declined at higher grade levels. Georgia ranked 36th in 4th grade math and 40th in 8th grade math; 30th in 4th grade reading and 36th in 8th grade reading; and 47th in high school graduation rate. One positive note, Georgia ranked 9th in the percentage of students with AP test scores of a 3 or higher.

The good news is that it appears we are headed in the right direction. Georgia’s ten-year trend of improvement ranked it among the top 16 states in every measure above, with the 5th best improvement in 4th grade reading, the 10th best improvement in graduation rate and the 5th best improvement in AP scores.

Georgia needs to keep improving to catch up with several of our neighboring states, though. Below is a comparison:

National Ranking Comparison
Achievement Indicator GA NC FL TN
4th Grade Math 36 19 29 31
8th Grade Math 40 24 36 44
4th Grade Reading 30 25 12 31
8th Grade Reading 36 35 32 33
Graduation Rate 47 38 34 11




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