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Hundreds Lose Their Georgia Tax Credit Scholarships

By Mike Klein Carlethia Ingram easily could have become one more lost teenager, no real background, no real future. Her mother died four days after the birth of her youngest sister. For ten years Carlethia and two sisters lived with their grandmother in Savannah public housing until Barbara Ingram passed away last year. “When their grandmother died we kept them,” said Anthony Phillips. “No court has ever said they belong to you. It just happened.” Phillips and his wife Donna are retired U.S. Army officers. Anthony owns a logistics company and serves on the World Trade Center Savannah board of directors. Donna Phillips is a dentist and board member at Ramah Junior Academy, a small Christian academy that was… View Article

Video: Opportunity and Attainment of the American Dream

By Mike Klein The word is out:  Georgia should expand its incredibly successful but seriously underfunded tax credit scholarship program that enables parents to select a private school education for their kids, in part funded by Georgians who contribute tax dollars to support educational choice. Unfortunately, too few Georgia parents have choice because the program is capped at $58 million.  Applications for next year credits hit the limit in January. An effort to increase the tax cap limit fizzled in this year’s Legislature. “I work in an area that is all about opportunity and attainment of the American Dream,” says Lisa Kelly, co-founder and President of the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program. Kelly spoke at the Policy Foundation’s 2014 Annual Dinner. … View Article

We’re Talking About Helping Georgia Kids Learn!

The Foundation focused on Georgia public charter schools and why parents choose private schools during our most recent Leadership Series breakfast.  We also talked about Georgia’s wildly successful tax credit scholarship which has enabled families to transition from traditional public schools to other learning models.  Check out the conversation in these three Foundation YouTube channel videos. Also, click here to learn about our constitutional balanced budget amendment breakfast on Wednesday, February 26, with Nick Dranias of the Goldwater Institute, and click here for the exciting details about our Wednesday evening, March 5, annual dinner with Daniel Garza, executive director of The LIBRE Initiative.  These are two Must Go events! Our Education Breakfast:  In this first video Eric Wearne discusses the… View Article

Thank you for what you are doing to lead the nation. The Georgia Public Policy Foundation is leading the way. This is truly one of the leading lights in the state think tank movement. Excellent ideas. It’s well run. For those of you who are donors I congratulate you on your wisdom and I encourage you to do it and do it more.

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