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By Mike Klein Fulton Science Academy’s middle school will try to remain open this fall in Alpharetta even after the state board of education denied its state charter application on Thursday.  The Academy was already rejected by Fulton County last December so it does not have another public school option. “Our only viable option right now is to go to a tuition-based private school model which is not our first choice because then it won’t be open to everybody in the public,” board member Angela Lassetter said in a hallway interview just outside the state board meeting room. Moments earlier Lassetter and two other Fulton Science Academy parents asked board members to wait another month before voting to approve or… View Article
“Steven,” a young student from a low-income family, wanted to become an engineer. He understood his best chance of success was to enroll in his district’s math- and science-focused charter school. But the charter school could not afford a track team or such facilities, and Steven was an exceptional runner who was expected to earn a college track scholarship. The young man and his family were forced to make a choice: Pursue the option to finance his college education through an athletic scholarship but with an inferior academic education, or pursue the charter school option that would best prepare him academically for college and career – without athletic opportunity. This is a choice no student should be forced to make.… View Article

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