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Hundreds Lose Their Georgia Tax Credit Scholarships

MIKE KLEINEditor, Georgia Public Policy Foundation By Mike Klein Carlethia Ingram easily could have become one more lost teenager, no real background, no real future. Her mother died four days after the birth of her youngest sister. For ten years Carlethia and two sisters lived with their grandmother in Savannah public housing until Barbara Ingram passed away last year. “When their grandmother died we kept them,” said Anthony Phillips. “No court has ever said they belong to you. It just happened.” Phillips and his wife Donna are retired U.S. Army officers. Anthony owns a logistics company and serves on the World Trade Center Savannah board of directors. Donna Phillips is a dentist and board member at Ramah Junior Academy,… View Article

Alarming Social Indicators for American Youth

(This article is an excerpt from “MORE THAN SCORES An Analysis of Why and How Parents Choose Private Schools” published by The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice.) By JAMES P. KELLY and BENJAMIN SCAFIDI JAMES P. KELLY Any meaningful discussion of parents’ preferences in choosing the most appropriate education for their children can take place only in the context of the difficult social and cultural conditions facing elementary and secondary school families in modern America. Some of the relevant statistics include the following: • In 2011, 40.8 percent of all births were to unmarried mothers. Among Hispanics, that figure was 53 percent and, among blacks, it was 72 percent. • As of 2011, 25.8 percent of children in America… View Article
By MIKE KLEIN MIKE KLEINEditor, Georgia Public Policy Foundation The popular conception is everyone cares about test scores. This must be true because media is consumed with test score news, politicians endlessly ask about test scores and educators leap through hoops to emphasize scores improved, when sometimes they do improve.  But there is one sector that might be less focused on scores: School choice parents. A new Georgia-based study published today by The Friedman Foundation for Educational Excellence reports several hundred private school parents placed greater emphasis on factors other than test scores when they moved children from traditional public schools into private schools.  “MORE THAN SCORES: An Analysis of Why and How Parents Choose Private Schools” was… View Article

“I am here today to thank the Georgia Public Policy Foundation for your role in building a fiscally conservative, pro-growth state. Not only did you help pave the way for a new generation of leadership, you continue to provide key policy advice and to hold us accountable to the principles we ran on. In short, you have had a transforming influence on this state. We are healthier, stronger, and better managed because of your efforts.

State Senator Eric Johnson, President pro tempore, Georgia State Senate more quotes