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Checking Up On Health: April 15, 2014

News and Views on Health Policy Compiled by Benita M. Dodd BENITA DODD It’s Tax Day; your ObamaCare grace period is “over:” Today is the “final” day to sign up for health insurance in the federal exchange. It’s the end of the beyond-the-deadline 15-day grace period for those who “experienced delays,” AKA┬áthe extension to allow more people to sign up. According to the White House, more than 500 million “7.5 million people” have signed up for the exchanges, with “400,000 applications” coming in after the official deadline of March 31. People who sign up by today will have health coverage beginning May 1. Those who still do not have insurance must pay a $95 fee or… View Article

The best way to make a lasting impact on public policy is to change public opinion. When you change the beliefs of the people; the politicians and political parties change with them.

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