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(Dean Alford’s commentary is adapted from a panel presentation at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s January 25 Leadership Breakfast titled, “Breaking Down Barriers to High Quality Education in Georgia.”  Alford’s entire speech can be viewed on the Foundation’s YouTube site.) According to Complete College America, an organization funded by the Gates Foundation, of 100 Georgia ninth graders entering the ninth grade, 54 graduate. Twenty-seven go to our University System. Fourteen come back their sophomore year and six graduate.  Fourteen go to the Technical College System or two-year schools. Seven come back for their second year and three graduate. Let me give you some amazing facts. Those students who entered their freshman year – whether it be the University System or… View Article

The Georgia Public Policy Foundation is a driving force for market-based solutions to policy challenges. The work done by this outstanding organization is making a real impact on the future of Georgia. I personally consider the Foundation a primary source for policy ideas. All Georgians are better off because the Foundation is helping lead the critical policy debates in our state.

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