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Our Supporters
Bush2 "I thank you for what you do... You take on tough questions, you apply innovative thinking, you push for action, and you do it all without regard to politics. " - President George W. Bush
20111117_Tracie200 "Congratulations to GPPF on 20 years of success in promoting liberty! Georgia is lucky to have GPPF on the front lines for freedom. Here's to the next 20 years! " - Tracie Sharp, president of the State Policy Network
Harrell "For over a decade, GPPF has been my trusted provider of factual, innovative, market-based solutions for the greatest issues facing our communities. I am a proud supporter of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation and encourage you to investigate GPPF, too. " - Brett Harrell, former Snellville mayor, current Georgia state representative
"As a non-profit executive I understand the importance of supporting those organizations you believe are making a difference. As an economic educator, I am always looking for thought-provoking ideas and credible information. That’s what I get from the Foundation – fresh ideas from a well managed organization. " - David V. Martin, executive director, Georgia Council on Economic Education
Brightworth President Ray Padron, AEI President Arthur C. Brooks, GPPF President Kelly McCutchen at a 2012 Policy Briefing Luncheon Brooks keynoted for the Georgia Public Policy Foundaiton "I can assure you – from the vantage of a non-profit think tank in Washington, D.C., with much the same principles as GPPF – that the work that we do simply would not be possible if it were no for the important work that GPPF does. " - Arthur Brooks
"The Georgia Public Policy Foundation has hit another homerun with its Guide to the Issues. This is must reading for anyone interested in public policy in Georgia, and it is an outstanding road map for conservative, common sense solutions to our challengers of today and tomorrow. " - Former Georgia Senate Minority Leader Chuck Clay