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Second Adult Criminal Justice Reform Bill Becomes Law

By Mike Klein Governor Nathan Deal on Thursday signed an adult criminal justice reform bill that revises minimum mandatory sentencing laws, expands the state’s right to evidence appeals and creates a new Georgia Criminal Justice Reform Commission that will remainaaa

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Earth Day: For Many, Not Much Cause for Celebration

It’s time to add a few more faces to the pitiful environment painted by Earth Day organizers.

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Malpractice Law Is Bad for Your Health

Let’s compensate all patients any time an injury or death occurs in a hospital for any reason other than the condition that brought them to the hospital in the first place.

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Friday Facts: April 12, 2013

What are the biggest hurdles for new businesses? Find out in Friday Facts.

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Friday Facts: March 29, 2012

A new product promises to turn the newest generation of mobile phones into multiprotocol toll transponders

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Time to End the Medical Device Tax

The most ill-conceived federal sales tax law took effect this year.

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Hunstein: Georgia at “Crossroads in Juvenile Justice History”

Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Carol Hunstein challenged the General Assembly to expand mental health services for “clearly disturbed youngsters” during her final State of the Judiciary address, telling lawmakers, “We wait for the explosion and it will come” unless courts have more resources for dealing with juveniles who are clearly at risk to themselves and others.

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Is Online Learning One Answer to Higher Ed Remediation?

Colleges around the country including Emory are constantly experimenting with online learning. Two virtual learning companies — Coursera and Udacity — continue to expand their connections with traditional universities. The Georgia Virtual School is an example of online learning that reaches beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom.

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Register Now for “American Dream, American Nightmare,” Foundation’s Feb. 19 Event

Atlanta – Did you know that Georgia had the nation’s fourth-highest foreclosure rate in 2012? There were 105,610 foreclosure filings last year, or one for every 39 homes. Who’s to blame? Greedy bankers? Corrupt politicians? Ignorant homeowners? Find out fromaaa

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Beleaguered DOT’s To-Do List is Doable

Georgia’s Department of Transportation has been under fire in recent years, much of it deserved amid unwise policy decisions and lackadaisical financial management. Under new management, with greater transparency and financial accountability, the agency is doing better. But still more can be done for policy to progress in Georgia’s current economic climate.

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"As an employer, and a parent and a graduate of Georgia public schools, I am pleased that the Foundation has undertaken this project. (The report card) provides an excellent tool for parents and educators to objectively evaluate our public high schools. It will further serve a useful purpose as a benchmark for the future to measure our schools’ progress. " - Dan Amos, CEO, AFLAC