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UPDATED: Transportation Funding Update

How did we get here? The portion of Georgia’s motor fuel tax that is dedicated to transportation funding is among the lowest in the nation. Over the last decade, state leaders have diverted funds for maintenance into sorely needed newaaa

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Mercatus Study Finds Dire Consequences to Georgia CON Program

Mercatus study highlights need for reform in Georgia’s certificate-of-need program.

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Where are we as of Day 38?

Status of key economic issues: Education: Increase in the cap on the tuition tax credit scholarship that was hit in a matter of hours on January 1 of this year: No action Education Savings Accounts, similar to those in Arizonaaaa

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News Release: Foundation Highlights Solar Energy and Sunshine Week

As Sunshine Week approaches, the need for government transparency is clear.

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Thoughts on the gas tax

The gas tax isn’t perfect, but it’s better than many other options.

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Update on Transportation Funding

Below is the current allocation of motor fuel taxes based on the four-year average price of motor fuel where the consumer pays 29.2 cents per gallon. Cents Per Gallon Revenue (in Millions) State Excise Tax 7.5 $450 State Sales Taxaaa

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Two Pro-Growth Tax Reform Plans Introduced

Two tax reform bills to lower Georgia’s income tax rate were introduced last week, but it is uncertain if any action will be taken this year.

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Proposal Would Level the Playing Field for Beer and Wine Sales

While breweries are contributing to economic growth in many states, Georgia is being held back by antiquated laws and powerful special interests.

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Proposal Would Modernize Georgia’s Teacher Retirement System

A bill introduced this month would modernize Georgia’s pension system to be more in line with private-sector pensions. The plan is modeled after the successful reform of the pension plan for new state employees 7 years ago.

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Climate Change Rules Could Be the Death of You

If everyone bought 40-mpg cars, greenhouse gases would decline by less than a negligible 0.5 percent.

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