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December 8 Event: ‘The Case for K-12 Student-Based Budgeting in Georgia’

Just how does Georgia ensure that funding follows the student in ways that enable families to embrace education innovation?

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Taking on Bill Maher: Who benefits from the sharing economy?

Bill Maher recently went on a rant about the sharing economy. Is he right?

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News Release: Clean Power Plan ‘Cleaning out Consumers’ Wallets’

GEORGIA PUBLIC POLICY FOUNDATION NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release August 3, 2015 Contact Benita Dodd at 404-256-4050 or Clean Power Plan ‘Cleaning out Consumers’ Wallets’ Atlanta – Kelly McCutchen, president of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, had this toaaa

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News Release: Foundation Hosts Savannah Event July 29

Join the Foundation in Savannah July 29, find out about education and school choice in 2016!

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Losing ACA Subsidies ‘Far From the Whole Story’

A version of this op-ed by Tom Payne, Atlanta resident and board member of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, appeared in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on June 18. Access the op-ed online here. Finding Another Way Than ObamaCare By Tom Payne Georgiansaaa

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Foundation President Reacts to Court Ruling on Health Care Law

The Foundation will continue to work toward better options for Georgians.

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News Release: Ray Padrón Joins Foundation Board

Foundation adds Ray Padrón to Board of Trustees.

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Celebrate Friedman Legacy for Freedom Day in Georgia’s First City!

Join Georgia’s only free-market think tank in Georgia’s First City July 29 as we celebrate Milton Friedman!

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Georgia Education Reform Commission testimony: “Improving Georgia’s Education Tax Credit”

Jason Bedrick, policy analyst at the Center for Educational Freedom at the Cato Institute, testified before the Georgia Education Reform Commission last week and presented recommendations for improving Georgia’s school choice programs. Read a transcript of his remarks here.

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Are Micro-Schools the Future of Education?

Technology is enabling a tremendous amount of innovation in the K-12 space. One interesting development has been dubbed the micro-school. “Micro-schools are gaining traction among families who are dissatisfied with the quality of public schooling options and cannot afford oraaa

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"The Georgia Public Policy Foundation is a driving force for market-based solutions to policy challenges. The work done by this outstanding organization is making a real impact on the future of Georgia. I personally consider the Foundation a primary source for policy ideas. All Georgians are better off because the Foundation is helping lead the critical policy debates in our state. " - Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers