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Are Micro-Schools the Future of Education?

Technology is enabling a tremendous amount of innovation in the K-12 space. One interesting development has been dubbed the micro-school. “Micro-schools are gaining traction among families who are dissatisfied with the quality of public schooling options and cannot afford oraaa

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Fighting Back Against “Pointless, Stupid and Tyrannical” Regulations

How do you reign in the modern regulatory state?

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Myths, Lies and Capitalism

Does free enterprise hurt the poor? Is it unfair and driven by greed? Did it cause the Great Recession? In five minutes, Arthur Brooks answers these questions and more about capitalism.

View a summary of these facts here.

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Eva Galambos: Farewell to an Iron Lady of Georgia

The first mayor of Sandy Springs was a tenacious lady.

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Secretary of State Brian Kemp Keynotes May 14 Event

“License to Work,” May 15 Leadership Breakfast, is keynoted by Secretary of State Brian Kemp

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Where are we as of Day 40?

Status of key economic issues (updated at 10 pm): Education: Increase in the cap on the tuition tax credit scholarship that was hit in a matter of hours on January 1 of this year: No action Education Savings Accounts, similaraaa

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UPDATED: Transportation Funding Update

How did we get here? The portion of Georgia’s motor fuel tax that is dedicated to transportation funding is among the lowest in the nation. Over the last decade, state leaders have diverted funds for maintenance into sorely needed newaaa

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Mercatus Study Finds Dire Consequences to Georgia CON Program

Mercatus study highlights need for reform in Georgia’s certificate-of-need program.

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News Release: Foundation Highlights Solar Energy and Sunshine Week

As Sunshine Week approaches, the need for government transparency is clear.

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Thoughts on the gas tax

The gas tax isn’t perfect, but it’s better than many other options.

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