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Land Use
Forestry Certification Bias Truncates Market Opportunities

While certification is voluntary, the dominant role of LEED as a rating system for “sustainable” practices in construction could push Georgia’s forestry industry into a corner.

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In Lean Times, Road Diets Leave Slim Pickings for Commuters

It’s a nip here and a tuck there, but the insidious “livability” approach to transportation should worry commuters, given that metro Atlanta drivers are clamoring for congestion relief, not streetscapes, art or roadway reductions

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Register Now for “American Dream, American Nightmare,” Foundation’s Feb. 19 Event

Atlanta – Did you know that Georgia had the nation’s fourth-highest foreclosure rate in 2012? There were 105,610 foreclosure filings last year, or one for every 39 homes. Who’s to blame? Greedy bankers? Corrupt politicians? Ignorant homeowners? Find out fromaaa

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State Property Leases Could Get a New Lease on Life

Few Georgia voters are even aware of Amendment No. 2 on the Nov. 6 ballot, which would allow the state to enter multi-year property lease agreements.

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Banking on Land Banks is Banking on Trouble

The new Georgia Land Bank Act expands local governments’ abilities to create a land bank, an organization with sweeping authority to acquire and dispose of vacant, abandoned or delinquent properties. But communities that race to embrace this unfortunate move will see it come back to haunt, not help, them.

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Land Protection Through Private Alternatives

Jefferson G. Edgens Governor Barnes should be commended for his proposal to protect 20 percent of open space. Not only is this a good idea, but it stresses two important points: local governments decide what areas to protect, and theaaa

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Land Use Principles for Georgia

The Lone Mountain Compact’s “Principles for Livable Cities,” to which the Georgia Public Policy Foundation is a signatory, form the basis of land use principles: Absent a material threat to other individuals or the community, people should be allowed toaaa

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Commentary: Slow-Growth Plans and Regulations Lose the Way for San Jose

By Randal O’Toole California is a garden of Eden, A paradise to live in or see; But believe it or not, you won’t find it so hot If you ain’t got the do re mi. – Woody Guthrie California’s scenicaaa

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Commentary: The Truth about Transit-Oriented Development

By Kathleen Calongne Across the nation and in Atlanta, policy-makers are preparing to spend billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money building rail transit. The problem they face now is how to get people onto trains when most people live milesaaa

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Commentary: The Hidden Cost of “Planning”

By Randal O’Toole   Planners rarely say, even among themselves, that one goal of growth-management planning is to drive up housing prices in order to discourage people from living on large lots. One rare exception recently took place in Portland,aaa

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"The Foundation should take a lot of pride in your influence on Georgia governmental policy over the past several years. If you look back on several things that you were crying in the wilderness about several years ago, you will find that Governor Miller adopted them…your influence and your pressure on that process has been a major factor in governmental policy in Georgia. You should be congratulated. " - Governor Sonny Perdue