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Friday Facts: February 27, 2015

It’s Friday! Events March 18: “Federalism, The Rule of Law and Regulatory Excess,” is the topic of the Foundation’s Leadership Breakfast with Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens. $30. Find out more here. Register online by Monday, March 16, here. Quotesaaa

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A Primer on the Case for the Future of Choice in Health Care

All you need to know about King v. Burwell

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Proposal Would Level the Playing Field for Beer and Wine Sales

While breweries are contributing to economic growth in many states, Georgia is being held back by antiquated laws and powerful special interests.

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Proposal Would Modernize Georgia’s Teacher Retirement System

A bill introduced this month would modernize Georgia’s pension system to be more in line with private-sector pensions. The plan is modeled after the successful reform of the pension plan for new state employees 7 years ago.

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Checking Up On Health: February 24, 2015

ObamaCare, vaccination accusations and why your doctor’s late.

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Legislature Makes Good Progress on The Issues

Promising action on the legislative front.

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Friday Facts: February 20, 2015

How’s Atlanta’s Streetcar doing?

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Friday Facts: February 13, 2014

What’s happening to millennials and American workers?

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The Economics and Politics of Tax Reform

Economists generally agree that revenues from this simpler tax structure would grow faster than our current tax system.

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Two ways of looking at alternative health care reforms

To: Atlanta Journal & Constitution Editors Re: Jay Bookman’s “Testing GOP’s Plan” There are at least two types of attitudes for solving problems. First, “No, because…” lists why something can’t be done. This shuts down creative thought, because the premiseaaa

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"As an employer, and a parent and a graduate of Georgia public schools, I am pleased that the Foundation has undertaken this project. (The report card) provides an excellent tool for parents and educators to objectively evaluate our public high schools. It will further serve a useful purpose as a benchmark for the future to measure our schools’ progress. " - Dan Amos, CEO, AFLAC