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‘Hire’ education: A vocational model succeeds

Published Thursday, March 08, 2007 By Eric Wearne (CNN) — Have you ever used what you learned in high school to get a job? Ask the graduates of Central Educational Center in Coweta County, Georgia, and you’ll likely get a resounding “yes.” Like all public schools, CEC must meet state standards and its students are required to take all state standardized tests. However, as a charter school, CEC has the flexibility to tailor its curriculum to meet the changing needs of the business community. CEC was recently nominated and selected by a consortium including the International Center for Leadership in Education, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and others, as one of 30 replicable national model high school programs… View Article

Commentary: Advancing Student Achievement in Georgia

By Casey Cagle Only when we design education around the individual needs of children will we achieve excellence. I have visited several schools throughout the state this session to share details of two of my priorities, which revolve around the fundamental belief that no two children learn at the same pace or in the same way. I have seen this first-hand, in my own home with my three sons. What motivates one son in the classroom does not interest the others. Where one may gravitate toward reading to absorb information, another may learn better with a hands-on approach. Because children learn differently, the best education occurs when local control is prominent and innovation and flexibility are involved. Untying the hands… View Article
By Andrew Broy Georgia’s charter schools are outperforming traditional schools and are serving a more diverse and economically disadvantaged population. Theses are the conclusions of the Georgia Department of Education’s Annual Report on Charter Schools, released recently by the State Board of Education. Based on 2005-2006 data, the report corrects many of the misperceptions that surround charter schools and clearly shows that Georgia’s charter schools are succeeding more so than charter schools in many other states. Success is particularly significant in the context of charter schools, where school organizers have, through a contract or “charter,” promised improved student achievement in exchange for freedom from certain state and local rules. This question of charter school student performance is the subject of… View Article

A New Day for Georgia Education

By Dr. Benjamin Scafidi and Dr. Holly Robinson The new, more rigorous statewide curriculum, the Georgia Performance Standards, which will make our students and schools more globally competitive, is now being implemented. The results of the 2006 Georgia Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) are trickling in and early indications are that scores have dropped on some tests. This, however, is actually good news. Why are we celebrating? Several national organizations – most recently the RAND Corporation – point out that every state in the nation has lower standards on its own curriculum-based exams relative to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). NAEP, known as “the Nation’s Report Card,” is a highly regarded battery of tests designed to measure what students… View Article

The Black Exodus to Charter Schools

Published Monday, March 06, 2006   MINNEAPOLIS — Something momentous is happening here in the home of prairie populism: black flight. African-American families from the poorest neighborhoods are rapidly abandoning the district public schools, going to charter schools, and taking advantage of open enrollment at suburban public schools. Today, just around half of students who live in the city attend its district public schools. Source: Wall Street Journal ( – suscription required), “Don’t Protest, Just Shop Somewhere Else,” March 2, 2006, Page A15… View Article

Charter Schools Promote Business in the South

Published Thursday, February 02, 2006 By Eric Wearne After losing several large employers over the course of the 1990s and realizing that their schools were not preparing their students to compete in the global economy, the citizens of Osceola, Arkansas decided to do something to stop their community’s decline. According to the Wall Street Journal, “This small city of about 9,000, set amid soybean and cotton fields on the west bank of the Mississippi…persuaded Denso Corp., an affiliate of Toyota Motor Corp., to locate a new plant in town producing car air-conditioning and heating systems. The usual bevy of financial incentives helped, but for Denso, there was a clinching factor: Osceola’s efforts to improve local education by creating a charter… View Article
By Russ Moore When Newsweek trumpeted “America’s Best High Schools” in May, it was disappointing to learn the magazine’s best of the best were selected based on a formula that appears limited to “college prep.” Schools were ranked using a ratio of Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate tests taken, divided by the number of graduating seniors. Thus the best high school in America is small, has nearly no minority students, and has most of its seniors taking (but not necessarily passing) AP exams. There was no indication of how many students actually went on to college, much less to a job for which they were trained. Research indicates that college prep does not necessarily prepare students for college, and it… View Article
By Dr. Holly Robinson and Eric Wearne Fulton Science Academy, a 3-year-old charter school in Alpharetta, is one of the many charter schools in America participating in a well-deserved celebration of National Charter School Week, May 1-7. The school focuses its curriculum on math and science instruction, which its mission statement describes as “the key to future success.” The results are reflected in the improvement in achievement and overall educational experiences of the school’s 320 students. On the 2004 CRCT, 100 percent of the school’s eighth-graders met or exceeded expectations in Reading, and 95 percent did so in English, Math, Social Studies and Science. The school also made “Adequate Yearly Progress” last year under No Child Left Behind. This is… View Article
Published Monday, May 02, 2005 By Angie Green On April 28, President George W. Bush released a press statement calling on families of charter school students and those involved with the charter school movement to help the nation recognize the importance of charter schools and their contributions to American public education. Charter schools have “provided a valuable alternative to families throughout the country,” said Bush. He listed recent federal actions to support charters, including proposing $219 million for Charter School Grants and $37 million for Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities. The administration has also called for $50 million in new funding for the Choice Incentive Fund to support development of innovative school choice programs. He applauded the teachers and… View Article

New Charters on Board for this Fall

Published Tuesday, April 19, 2005 By Angie Green The Foundation would like to congratulate the following charter schools recently approved to open this fall. Berrien Academy Charter School in Berrien County (start-up high school) Dunwoody Springs Elementary in Fulton County (conversion) Gateway to College Academy in DeKalb County (start-up high school) Lewis Academy of Excellence in Clayton County (start-up elementary) Marietta Charter School in Marietta City (star-up elementary) T.E.A.C.H. School in Fulton County (start-up high school) Whitfield County Career Academy in Whitfield County (LEA start-up high school) Amana Academy in Fulton County (start-up K-8)… View Article

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