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STOP THE NOISE: A Physician’s Quest to Silence the Politics of Health Care Reform

Our friend, Dr. Brian Hill has written an excellent new book. Here's what our experts had to say:   “Physician Brian Hill has managed to convey, with passion and conviction, his concerns aboutthe future of Americans’ health. With the unique clarity of a medical specialist and compassion as one who focuses on dealing with individuals, Dr. Hill diagnoses the damage already done and laysout an alarming prognosis for the future of health care in this country. As he so clearly points out, health care law is but one symptom of an ailing America on a path to self destruction. It’s timewe heed the doctor’s advice and follow his thoughtful roadmap back to limited government, effective solutions and individual accountability.” Benita Dodd, Vice… View Article

Commentary: Home Remedies for What Ails Health Care

Home Remedies for What Ails Health Care By Benita M. Dodd In a week in which the crafters of the new federal health care law probably needed trauma care, two of Georgia's best known physicians were attending a Georgia Public Policy Foundation event focused on what's next. Both are known more for their passion than their profession. Both are authors of new books inspired by this ongoing controversy; both offer solutions, not snake oil. Three-term Georgia Congressman Tom Price, a speaker at the Foundation event, is a key opponent of President Obama's cornerstone legislation. Just this week, in a 26-state challenge that included Georgia, a Florida judge ruled the entire health care law unconstitutional because of the mandate that everyone… View Article

Georgia Needs a Lone Star State of Mind

Georgia Needs a Lone Star State of Mind  By Kelly McCutchen Jobs, jobs, jobs. That's the mantra from nearly every elected official these days, from President Obama to Governor Deal. But do government policies really have on impact job creation? And if so, what should states like Georgia be doing? Can government create jobs? Certainly, but every dollar spent by government is a dollar taken out of the private economy, where it most likely could be put to better use. "More focus should be on incentives for people and businesses to invest, produce and work," says Harvard economist Robert Barro. "On the tax side, we should avoid programs that throw money at people and emphasize instead reductions in marginal… View Article

Foundation’s Role Pivotal in Georgia’s Lessons in School Choice

Commentary By Benita M. Dodd National School Choice Week is Jan. 23-29. The Georgia Public Policy Foundation, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and was a pioneer in the push to expand education choices for all Georgia’s children, joins a dozen organizations at the state Capitol on Tuesday for a School Choice Celebration and Rally. Long before the Obama administration’s Race to the Top grants, long before the Bush Administration’s No Child Left Behind law, the Foundation was championing the right of parents to have a greater say and choice in how best to educate their children. In 1991, when the Foundation was established, school choice became one of its first priorities. Its first major publication was, “Reach… View Article

Watch Digital Learning Commission Release Their Findings Live

Watch Jeb Bush and Bob Wise unveil 10 elements of quality digital learning this morning at 9:30 am live from the Excellence in Action National Summit in Washington DC. Click here to watch the unveiling LIVE at 9:30. The 10 Elements of High Quality Digital Learning outline the roadmap for local, state and federal officials to integrate digital learning in education. The Digital Learning Council unites a diverse group of more than 100 leaders in education, government, philanthropy, business, technology and policy to develop the policies to advance digital learning. The panel includes Georgia Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers. Senator Rogers will be discussing the Council's recommendations and their implications for Georgia at the Foundation's December Policy Luncheon Briefing next View Article

Repeal or Replace? How About New Ideas?

Health care needs reform and the American people have now clearly indicated what passed Congress last year is not what they want. Rather than gridlock, let's try to find better answers. Our Senior Fellow John Goodman is full of them in his blog post today: As I explained at Kaiser Health News the other day, in thinking about what can be done, it’s helpful to review who won and lost under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The big winners under the bill passed last spring are most (but certainly not all) of the 32 million newly insured plus some people with high health care costs. Let’s generously peg that at 50 million. The other 250 million are going to… View Article

The Foundation’s positions are well thought out and are often ahead of their time.

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