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Innovations High School – A Model for Georgia?

Innovations High School provides an vision of what could be the future of education. Innvations is a public school located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Much like the career academy model here in Georgia, students can take classes at Innovations whileaaa

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The Sharing Economy

Our colleagues at the Free State Foundation have released a thoughtful new paper, “The Sharing Economy: A Positive Shared Vision for the Future,” that discusses the issues surrounding the emergence of services such as Uber and Airbnb.

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Taking Advantage of Georgia’s Leadership in Course Access

Georgia is among the top ten states in the nation in creating an infrastructure for online courses for students anywhere in the state, according to a recent study. In this article, Michael Horn discusses the many ways that school districtsaaa

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Chart of Existing Welfare Benefits

Rep. Paul Ryan included this chart in his recent anti-poverty proposal.

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Foundation VP Benita Dodd Submits Testimony to EPA on Clean Power Plan

Testimony of Benita M. Dodd, Vice President, Georgia Public Policy Foundation According to the Federal Register, on December 7, 2009, the EPA “found” that current and projected concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere threaten the public health andaaa

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Video: EPA Carbon Regulations ‘Bad for Georgia,’ Says Foundation President

For decades, American ingenuity has allowed us to keep up with growing energy demands and REDUCE pollution at the same time.

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Partisan Politics and Procrastination Hinder a Border Solution

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to diagnose that the chief problem for the federal government is a lack of prioritization

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Friday Facts: July 25, 2014

Guess who’s coming to raise Cain at the 5th Annual Georgia Legislative Policy Forum?

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Op-ed: Buses, not costly rail, needed in Clayton

The July 19, 2014, Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an op-ed by Benita Dodd on mass transit in Clayton County. By Benita M. Dodd By all accounts, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) is operating infinitely more responsibly and responsively and, foraaa

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Checking Up On Health: July 22, 2014

In case you missed it, two court rulings were handed down about the Affordable Care Act.

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