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Making Military Lives Matter

For some military families, news and closure take decades, For others, Skype and Whatsapp bridge the miles.

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Friday Facts: May 22, 2015

Government can step up job creation by stepping back.

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Replace Mandatory State Licensing with Voluntary Certification, Study Says

A new study from North Carolina’s John Locke Foundation suggests a market-oriented alternative to state professional licensing. Read the press release below: North Carolina could promote job creation, lower consumer prices, and boost opportunities for low-income families by replacing mostaaa

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Atlanta Journal-Constitution publishes Foundation’s, ‘A Streetcar named denial’

Verdict on the Streetcar: “uninspiring, uncomfortable and unlikely to succeed.”

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Friday Facts: May 15, 2015

How much are school systems spending; how well are students doing?

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The Ethanol Scramble

When it comes to government mandates, ethanol proves, “it’s complicated.”

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‘The Poor Always Pay When There’s Austerity’

Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute participates in a panel discussion on poverty with President Obama.

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Are Micro-Schools the Future of Education?

Technology is enabling a tremendous amount of innovation in the K-12 space. One interesting development has been dubbed the micro-school. “Micro-schools are gaining traction among families who are dissatisfied with the quality of public schooling options and cannot afford oraaa

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Welfare Reform Lessons From the Front Lines

Great welfare reform lessons from AEI’s Robert Doar, who achieved great success heading up welfare reforms in New York City. Doar outlines the reasons for success in New York: “Welfare-caseload declines, work-rate increases, and child-poverty declines all happened largely because,aaa

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Fighting Back Against “Pointless, Stupid and Tyrannical” Regulations

How do you reign in the modern regulatory state?

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"The Foundation's Criminal Justice Initiative pushed the problems to the forefront, proposed practical solutions, brought in leaders from other states to share examples, and created this nonpartisan opportunity. (At the signing of the 2012 Criminal Justice Reform bill.) " - Governor Nathan Deal