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A truly absurd tax code illustrates the need for rational reform

Our tax code is extraordinarily difficult to navigate and it sometimes seems that it’s more concerned with advancing social and industrial policy goals than raising the money needed to fund government.

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Checking Up On Health: April 15, 2014

ObamaCare moving the goalposts; more allergy options and the Georgia woman accused of faking patients’ mammogram results.

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Foundation op-ed on Medicaid appears in AJC Sunday, April 13, 2013
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Forum Fact: Georgia Rainy Day Reserves See Brighter Forecast

Georgia’s rainy day fund — Revenue Shortfall Reserve in government speak – could approach the $1 billion mark this year – an impressive recovery from recent lean years. By Foundation Editor Mike Klein

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AJC Quotes Foundation on Tax Breaks

In The Atlanta Journal-Constitution of April 15, 2014, GPPF president Kelly McCutchen was asked his views on the $240 million-plus in tax breaks signed into law. “This haphazard way of doing tax reform is not very effective,” he said.  “I certainlyaaa

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Atlanta Business Chronicle Quotes Foundation on Streetcar

The Atlanta Business Chronicle of April 13 quoted Foundation Vice President Benita Dodd in an “Atlanta awaits new streetcar,” an article on the Atlanta Streetcar. By H.M. Cauley At age 11, Tim Borchers had what he describes as a “life-changing”aaa

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AJC Article on Transit Quotes Foundation

Foundation Vice President Benita Dodd proposed bus service instead of rail expansion in an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “Falling transit use in metro rides against U.S. trend,” by Andria Simmons, in the Sunday edition on April 13,

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Tax Policy Trails the Campaign Trail

Georgia’s tax policy inaction is rearing up to bite Georgians and the state economy.

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Friday Facts: April 11, 2014

The cost of the Falcons’ new stadium, the cost of regulation on infrastructure and the risky power grid.

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Education and Innovation in New Orleans

Soon there will be zero failing schools in NOLA.

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"“I thank you for what you do. For 15 years you’ve been researching and writing on issues that matter. You take on tough questions, you apply innovative thinking, you push for action, and you do it all without regard to politics. " - President George W. Bush