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The Truth About Millennial Commuting Patterns

What’s happened to change commute patterns of Millennials?

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Direct Care Resources

As the General Assembly debates the merits of direct care arrangements, here are some resources for those who want more information on this subject: Direct Primary Care (DPC) Puts Patients Back in the Driver’s Seat Empowering the relationship between doctorsaaa

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School Choice Benefits: More than test scores

Research focused solely on standardized test scores will understate the benefits of school choice programs, since effects on high school graduation and college enrollment are stronger—especially among urban minority students.

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2016 Recommendations from the Criminal Justice Reform Council

The Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform has released its 2016 Report, which provides a summary of progress to date and a list of recommendations. Below are excerpts from the report’s executive summary. It is often said that the statesaaa

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Friday Facts: February 5, 2016

MARTA rail expansion, education and money and welfare work requirements.

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Georgia Needs Direct Care Now

By Hal C. Scherz The Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed with the promise of decreasing the high costs of health care and increasing access to care by making health care insurance more affordable. Almost six years later, it appears thataaa

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Analyzing the Latest Tax Reform Proposal

The proposals could drop the personal income tax rate from 6% to 5%.

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Caution Recommended on Sales Tax Increase for Rail Transit

A new quarter-penny sales tax for transit could build one heavy-rail extension that would lock up transit funding and lock in an aging technology for the foreseeable future and take more than 100 years to pay off.

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Competitive Enterprise Institute Highlights Autonomous Vehicles

Marc Scribner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute writes on the dangers of regulation delaying automated vehicles. Self-Driving Regulation Pro-Market Policies Key to Automated Vehicle Innovation By Marc Scribner Leonardo da Vinci first sketched the design for a self-propelled cart withaaa

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Marietta Daily Journal Covers National School Choice Week Event

Wednesday’s breakfast fell in the middle of “School Choice Week” in Georgia, during which more than 400 events are scheduled across the state in observance of it.

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