Where are we as of Day 40?

April 2nd, 2015 by Leave a Comment

Status of key economic issues (updated at 10 pm):


  • Increase in the cap on the tuition tax credit scholarship that was hit in a matter of hours on January 1 of this year: No action
  • Education Savings Accounts, similar to those in Arizona and Florida, that allows parents to tailor education spending to meet the unique needs of their children: Passed committee, no vote in the House
  • Creation of a Opportunity School District for failing schools: Passed
  • Move on When Ready 2.0 allowing high school students to take college level classes while still enrolled in high school: Passed
  • Address state charter and virtual school funding: No action
  • Allow workplace charter schools: Passed committee, no vote in the House
  • Allow charter school students access to extracurricular activities at their home school if not available at their charter school: Passed committee, no vote in the House

Health Care

  • Market-oriented alternative to Medicaid Expansion: No bills introduced
  • Medical malpractice reform: No action
  • Tax credit for private donations to charity care clinics: No action, but the Senate included $1 million in the budget


  • Reform of professional licensing restrictions to improve economic opportunity for low- and middle-income Georgians: No bill introduced
  • Allow direct sale of small quantities of beer by breweries and brew pubs: Watered down bill does not allow direct sales
  • Ride sharing services: Bill supported by Uber and Lyft passed
  • Unlimited direct sales of Tesla automobiles: Passed

Criminal Justice

  • Civil Asset Forfeiture reform: Passed


  • Transportation Funding: Passed
  • Fractional SPLOST: Passed


  • Pension reform: Bill introduced creating hybrid pensions for all new teachers, similar to hybrid pension plan created for all state employees hired after 2009 (Note: Pension bills cannot be passed in the year they are introduced.)
  • Allow local governments to participate in Public Private Partnerships: Passed
  • Tax Reform: Several bills introduced, but no action

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When I served four terms in the state Senate, one of the few places where you could go to always and get concrete information about real solutions was the Georgia Public Policy Foundation. That hasn’t changed. [The Foundation] is really right up there at the top of the state think tanks, so you should be very proud of the work that they are doing!

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