2014 Forum VIDEO: Education Keynote Address by Clint Bolick

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A New York Times article praised Clint Bolick for his “aggressive litigation to defend individual liberties.”  Legal Times magazine recognized him as one of the 90 greatest Washington, D.C. lawyers of the previous 30 years.

His resume includes co-founder of the Institute for Justice and president of the Alliance for School Choice before he joined the Goldwater Institute seven years ago.  At Goldwater he presides over litigation and one of his favorite phrases is, “I get paid to sue government bureaucrats.”

The fifth annual Georgia Legislative Policy Forum audience warmly welcomed Bolick when he delivered the Education Keynote Address on Friday, September 19 in Atlanta.

Bolick focused on school choice with a particular emphasis on education savings accounts that are available to Arizona families but not here in Georgia.  Bolick successfully defended school choice programs in a 2003 U.S. Supreme Court case.  The first video is his presentation and the second video is the audience questions segment.

Audience Questions Segment:

Learn more about Arizona Education Savings Accounts:  Link

(Article and video production by Mike Klein)

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The Foundation should take a lot of pride in your influence on Georgia governmental policy over the past several years. If you look back on several things that you were crying in the wilderness about several years ago, you will find that Governor Miller adopted them…your influence and your pressure on that process has been a major factor in governmental policy in Georgia. You should be congratulated.

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