Critical Message Points About GA Prisoner Reentry Initiative

May 14th, 2014 by 1 Comment

Mike Klein Editor, Georgia Public Policy Foundation
Mike Klein
Editor, Georgia Public Policy Foundation

By Mike Klein

Georgia launched the fourth year of criminal justice reform this week with a commitment to aggressively push forward with its new prisoner reentry initiative.  Part of the strategy is recognition you must get the message right so folks understand what you are doing.

“Our primary message is that public safety is the number one goal, THE number one goal,” said Jay Neal, executive director at the Governor’s Office of Transition, Support and Reentry.  Neal spoke to the Criminal Justice Reform Council for nearly an hour when it met Monday at the state capitol in Atlanta.

Neal described five federal implementation grants that the state is seeking and he discussed mission and vision for the Georgia Prisoner Reentry Initiative. In this video Neal speaks about primary and secondary messages that he said are critical for public understanding and acceptance.

Additional Resource:

Georgia Seeks $6.75 Million for Prisoner Reentry Implementation 

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Thank you for the great work that the Public Policy Foundation is doing across our state setting a wonderful example. I first ran for the Senate in 1994, and the Foundation was that resource I called upon to be a great help to me as we were articulating positions and formulating public policy initiatives. We appreciate very much your leadership and all that you stand for.

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