Video Forum: Ron Bachman Discusses Medicaid Expansion on GPB

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RON BACHMAN Senior Fellow, Georgia Public Policy Foundation
Senior Fellow, Georgia Public Policy Foundation

Georgia Public Policy Foundation senior fellow Ron Bachman discussed Medicaid expansion and improved access to health care during a recent guest segment on GPB’s “On The Story.”  The video is available online.  Bachman supports improved access to healthcare for all Georgians but he opposes Medicaid expansion.

“I am worried about access to real quality healthcare,” said Bachman. “In the private market 79 percent of physicians accept children but in the Medicaid market only 47 percent do.  One of the reasons we have our emergency rooms and hospitals packed with so many Medicaid patients is that primary physicians won’t see them so their only choice is to go to emergency rooms.”

The panel moderated by Bill Nigut and Bobbie Battista discussed HB 990 that would require legislative approval to expand Medicaid and HB 707 that would prevent state agencies from advocating for or assisting with health insurance exchanges established under the Obamacare insurance mandate and new tax legislation.  HB 990 passed but HB 707 did not pass.

The conversation begins at 06:30 and concludes at 18:35.

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