“Road Diets” Commentary Mentioned in Marietta Daily Journal

April 25th, 2013 by Leave a Comment

Foundation in the news: In his April 21, 2013, column in the Marietta Daily Journal, Ron Sifen refers to a recent GPPF commentary on the “road diet” trend http://mdjonline.com/bookmark/22315171:

“Should GDOT spend our transportation dollars on streetscapes that may decorate  our environment, but do nothing to improve our mobility?

“Even worse, in  their recent “Road Diets” article, the Georgia Public Policy Foundation  demonstrates that some of our transportation dollars are being spent on projects  that actually impede our mobility!”

Read more:  The Marietta Daily Journal
To read the GPPF commentary, “In Lean Times, Road Diets Leave Slim Pickings for Commuters,” click on this link:  http://www.georgiapolicy.org/in-lean-times-road-diets-leave-slim-pickings-for-commuters/

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I wanted to publicly say how much I appreciate Georgia Public Policy Foundation.  For those of you that will be entering the Legislature or are relatively new you may not quite yet appreciate how much we rely on Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s research and work.  As you know we’re a citizen’s legislature.  We have very little staff. They have been an invaluable, invaluable resource to us.  To put this [Forum] on and the regular programs that they do throughout the year make us better at what we do. (At the 2012 Georgia Legislative Policy Forum.)

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