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September 30th, 2011

It’s Friday! Events – October 24: Invitations have been mailed for the Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Celebration and Freedom Award dinner, scheduled for the evening of Monday, Oct. 24, at the Renaissance Waverly Atlanta. Speakers include Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia. To join in this milestone celebration with the Foundation, please register at   Quotations – “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” – Frederic Bastiat – “As government regulations grow slowly, we become used to the harness. Habit is a powerful… View Article
Atlanta — Right on Crime will launch a state-based effort in Georgia via a teleconference today at 11:00 a.m. The nationwide initiative, which is endorsed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, former U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and former U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese, aims to educate lawmakers about the commonsense criminal justice reforms that have cut crime and cut costs in states like Texas. During the teleconference, Right on Crime will outline effective and data-driven reforms that could benefit Georgia as the state’s Criminal Justice Reform Council looks to release its recommendations in November, and Georgia seeks to revamp its criminal justice system based on the Council’s recommendations. Speakers at today’s event include Marc Levin of the… View Article
Texas Governor Rick Perry will address the Georgia Public Policy Foundation legislative conference this Friday morning at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.  GPPF invited the governor several weeks before his presidential campaign announcement. Registration remains open for “Wisdom, Justice and Innovation,” an all-day discussion focused on solutions to Georgia challenges.  Click here for additional information.  The entire conference including Governor Perry’s address is open to the public but pre-registration no later than Wednesday is required.  Media that would like to attend Gov. Perry’s address should contact Public Policy Foundation Vice President Benita Dodd at   All conference panels are open to media coverage. Perry’s address to the Policy Foundation conference is expected to focus on the twin… View Article
Documentary filmmaker Bob Bowdon – whose celebrated movie “The Cartel” probed deep into failures at New Jersey inner city schools – released a new internet video today about the Atlanta Public Schools test cheating scandal.  His video report can be viewed on ChoiceMedia.TV which debuted just one week ago.  The new site is aggregating education stories from all over. Bowdon’s report begins with WSB-TV’s Monica Pearson:  “Late this afternoon a statement on behalf of Superintendent Beverly Hall insisted she was not aware of widespread cheating.”  An off-camera voice says, “Answers changed to right ones by teachers after students had turned in their tests.”  NBC News anchor Brian Williams says, “There is disturbing news out of Atlanta, Georgia tonight about a… View Article
President Barack Obama has dropped a water balloon onto No Child Left Behind. “In my State of the Union address this year I said Congress should reform No Child Left Behind law based on principles that have guided Race to the Top,” Obama said Friday morning at the White House.  The President stamped his approval onto new education performance guidelines that the administration says were developed by governors and educators nationwide. “I want to say, the goals behind No Child Left Behind were admirable,” Obama said during a carefully crafted appearance that allowed for no questions.  “President (George W.) Bush deserves credit for that.  Higher standards are the right goal.  Accountability is the right goal.  Closing the achievement gap is… View Article

Friday Facts: September 23rd, 2011

It’s Friday!   – Space is limited! Don’t miss the second annual Georgia Legislative Policy Briefing on Friday, Sept. 30, at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. Register now for the daylong event, which  includes keynote speakers Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot, on entrepreneurial leadership in Georgia; John Goodman, founder and president of the National Center for Policy Analysis, on health care reform, and Michael B. Horn, national expert on digital learning. Last year, more than 250 people attended to hear nearly three dozen state and national experts discuss Georgia public policy. Topics this year include education, transportation, tax reform, criminal justice and health care. Information and registration are online at   Quotations – “You may… View Article

Trip time trends and transit

The Census Bureau has released its latest one-year estimate on the average travel time to work for Americans. The national average was 25.1 minutes, but metro Atlantans’ average commute was a full five minutes longer, making it the seventh-longest in the nation.  The report offers even more food for thought in metro Atlanta, where transit is the focus as policy-makers discuss the proposals that will sway congestion-plagued voters in next year’s referendum on a regional transportation sales tax.  As I pointed out in an August commentary, the regional round table committee is finalizing a list of transportation projects for the 10-county metro Atlanta region based on an anticipated $6.14 billion pot of money. That list includes transit projects that… View Article

What Should You Pay for Your Dog’s Knee Transplant?

What should you expect to pay for your dog’s knee replacement?  Should what you pay for your dog to have his knees fixed bear any relationship to fixing your own knees?   What determines the cost for knee replacements, whether the surgery is done here or overseas? Writing this week on his national Health Care Policy blog, economist John Goodman asked, “Why is the price of a knee replacement for a dog — involving the same technology and the same medical skills that are needed for humans — less than 1/6th the price a typical health insurance company pays for human operations?” Goodman also posed this question: “How is a Canadian able to come to the United States and get… View Article
The last time we spoke this summer Principal Christopher Ray was just weeks away from opening his first high school.  The former elementary principal still needed pupils, teachers and curriculum.  But launch it did this fall as Gwinnett Online Campus opened a blended learning high school that combines virtual courses with personal and group time with instructors. “The first year has been about getting people to understand what we’re all about, what are the requirements,” Ray said.  “I thought my previous job was hard.  This job is mentally exhausting.  You’re constantly thinking, ‘What can we do?’  The technology constantly evolves.”  Ray has nearly two decades in the Gwinnett County Public Schools, the last seven as an elementary principal. Gwinnett is… View Article

Friday Facts: September 16th, 2011

It’s Friday!   Quotations – “The fatal attraction of government is that it allows busybodies to impose decisions on others without paying any price themselves. That enables them to act as if there were no price, even when there are ruinous prices – paid by others.” – Thomas Sowell – “Man is not free unless government is limited. … As government expands, liberty contracts.” – Ronald Reagan   Events – September 30: Don’t miss the Foundation’s second annual Georgia Legislative Policy Briefing on Friday, Sept. 30, at the Cobb Energy Centre. Keynote speakers include Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot, on entrepreneurial leadership in Georgia and John Goodman, founder and president of the National Center for Policy Analysis, on health care… View Article

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