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Friday Facts: March 18th, 2011

It’s Friday!  Quotations – “The best thing we can do for democracy in the world, in my view now, is get our own fiscal house in order. If we don’t do that, America’s leadership in the world, even with successful interventions, is going to be in greater and greater doubt.” –  Sam Nunn, former U.S. senator from Georgia Taxes and spending – No tax on the Tagalongs: The state would see a surplus of nearly $1 billion if the tax reform plan is implemented and income tax rates are reduced to 4 percent, according to the latest estimate from Georgia State University. This means some of the more politically unpopular proposals could be dropped or income tax rates… View Article

Friday Facts: March 11th, 2011

It’s Friday! What they’re saying about the Foundation – “Over the years I’ve come to appreciate the Foundation more than ever. And y’all are needed more than ever! I’m glad if I can help in ANY way. … Thanks for what you guys do!” – Dorothy J. Adams, Eatonton, Georgia Events – April 19: Mark your calendar for a noon Policy Briefing Luncheon at the Georgian Club with Samuel Staley, Ph.D., director of urban growth and land use policy at Reason Foundation, on “Getting the Funding You Want for the Transportation You Need.” The cost to attend this event is $35. Register at – Missed an event? Policy Briefing Luncheons and Leadership Breakfasts… View Article

Friday Facts: March 4th, 2011

It’s Friday!   What can you do to help the Foundation celebrate its 20th birthday in 2011? E-mail to share how you can highlight the Foundation’s “20 For 20,” campaign. Will you recommend us to 20 of your Facebook friends? Will you commit to $20 a month for our 20th anniversary? If so, go to … And let us know! Quotations We partnered with the Concord Coalition this week to bring the Fiscal Solutions Tour to Georgia. You can read Mike Klein’s report on the event, but here are two quotes: – “Total federal spending net of inflation has grown almost 300 percent since 1970. It is expected to grow by another 250 percent between… View Article

Are Georgia’s OPEB Liabilities a Problem?

Commentary Are Georgia’s OPEB Liabilities a Problem?   By Allen Buckley   The media often reports about the funding problems of state and local pension plans, such as the plans maintained by Illinois, California and New Jersey. Georgia’s pension plans have also received significant press as well, although most of it has been positive. Regularly overlooked are liabilities relating to post-retirement medical obligations.   In a February 28, 2006 press release titled “Georgia Named One of Top Five Best States for Pension Funds,” Governor Sonny Perdue boasted: “I am proud of Georgia’s high pension fund ratio.” The article stated the State’s pension funding ratio was 101 percent, trailing only Florida and North Carolina.   Like most pension plans, Georgia’s plans… View Article

As an employer, and a parent and a graduate of Georgia public schools, I am pleased that the Foundation has undertaken this project. (The report card) provides an excellent tool for parents and educators to objectively evaluate our public high schools. It will further serve a useful purpose as a benchmark for the future to measure our schools’ progress.

Dan Amos, CEO, AFLAC more quotes