Eminent Domain Resources

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– Supreme Court: Kelo v. City of New London (pdf)

Georgia Public Policy Foundation

– Amicus brief press release (pdf)
– Reaction to Kelo decision press release
– Commentary: Without Local Curbs, Eminent Domain Abuse Is Imminent June, 2005
– Commentary: Taxpayers’ New Worry: Your Money and Your Land July, 2005
– Article: Policy-makers must clarify eminent domain constraints (pdf) July, 2005
– Testimony to Senate Eminent Domain and Economic Development Study Committee in Stockbridge, Ga. (page 4)  (pdf) October, 2005

Georgia Constitution

– Article I, Section III

Selected Georgia Code Sections relating to eminent domain

– 8-4-2 – Blighted areas and eminent domain
– 8-4-3 – Definition of “blighted areas”
– 36-61-2 – Definition of “slum area”
– 36-61-3 – Slum areas and eminent domain

Selected Municipal Code sections regarding housing, nuisance, health, safety, etc.

– Macon 
Chapter 12 – Nuisances

– Savannah
Part 6
Part 9 – Offenses

Other  resources:

–  Institute for Justice
–  Reason Foundation

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