President Bush on National Charter Schools Week

May 2nd, 2005 by Leave a Comment

Published Monday, May 02, 2005

By Angie Green

On April 28, President George W. Bush released a press statement calling on families of charter school students and those involved with the charter school movement to help the nation recognize the importance of charter schools and their contributions to American public education.

Charter schools have “provided a valuable alternative to families throughout the country,” said Bush. He listed recent federal actions to support charters, including proposing $219 million for Charter School Grants and $37 million for Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities. The administration has also called for $50 million in new funding for the Choice Incentive Fund to support development of innovative school choice programs.

He applauded the teachers and administrators of charter schools “who are providing innovative alternatives that prepare our children for a bright and successful future.”
Source: White House Press Release

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